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Curve tips

In this tutorial, join Nastya, as she shares her favourite tips for creating designs in Linearity Curve. From nifty design tips and tricks to crafting vibrant mood boards and handwritten text, Nastya's insights will elevate your design game in Curve.

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    Design with Curve

What you’ll learn

Discover Nastya's top tips for Linearity Curve as she designs a mood board.

Educational value

Join Nastya, a digital illustrator, in this tutorial where she shares her favourite Curve tips for digital illustration while designing a mood board from scratch.

Through a hands-on exploration, learn essential techniques such as maintaining proportions during scaling, background removal for creative experimentation, and the dynamics of adding visual weight.

Learn as Nastya guides you while crafting a mood board, vectorising handwritten text, and leveraging different brush strokes.

Each tip will hopefully help you enhance your digital design skills in Curve. Engage with Nastya's expertise and incorporate the tips you find helpful into your process.

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Nastya Kuliabina
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