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Design a travel poster

Design with Curve

Design a travel poster

Learn how to transform a photo into a vintage travel poster using Curve. Learn valuable tools including the incredible Auto Trace!

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    Design with Curve

What you’ll learn

Follow along as Nastya designs a travel poster in Linearity Curve.

Educational value

This tutorial equips you with the skills to transform a photo into a captivating vintage travel poster using Curve. Learn valuable techniques including:

Exploring Auto Trace: Discover the power of AI-powered vectorization with different modes like photography, sketch, and illustration. Experiment with parameters like detail, complexity, and contrast to find the perfect style for your poster.

Mastering Composition: Apply the "split composition" technique, positioning your vector illustration prominently and adding a text box at the bottom. Craft a visually balanced poster by experimenting with color palettes, font hierarchy, and text placement.

Vintage Typography Tips: Dive into the world of retro fonts! Learn how to choose fonts commonly used in travel posters, explore online resources for inspiration, and adjust font weight, size, and color to achieve the desired effect.

Creating Text Overlays: Discover how to layer text for visual impact. Utilize the stroke color feature to create a subtle shadow effect and adjust drop position for perfect alignment.

Adding Finishing Touches: Learn how to incorporate lines for a retro feel and integrate a charming description of your chosen location. Utilize AI assistants like ChatGPT to generate engaging content and experiment with text box size and font for optimal readability. By following this tutorial, you'll gain the skills to design stunning vintage travel posters in Curve. Get creative, choose your favorite destination, and turn your memories into captivating artwork!

Bonus Takeaways: Learn effective color palette selection through color picking from your illustration. Understand the importance of adjusting letter spacing for balanced visuals.

Share your travel poster creations with the world and inspire others with your unique vision.

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Nastya Kuliabina
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