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Design an online ad

Design with Curve

Design an online ad

Learn how to create effective online ad visuals in just a few minutes. You'll get familiar with the Shape Tool and the time-saving Background Removal feature.

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    Design with Curve

What you’ll learn

Join Aysel as she guides you through the process of designing eye-catching online ads tailored for social media.

Educational value

This quick tutorial equips you with the skills to create online ads that incorporate bold shapes, photo cutouts, and text. You'll learn how to:

Create bold backgrounds: Learn how to add some color to your canvas with the Shape Tool. Aysel will guide you through creating vibrant shapes in complimentary hues to make your online ad stand out online.

Overlay photo cut-outs: Explore the simplicity of importing a photo and using the Background Removal Tool to effortlessly create a cutout of your subject. You'll also discover key insights on optimal placement within your composition to enhance the visual appeal of your ad.

Create text overlays: Learn how to layer text effectively for a powerful visual punch. Plus, Aysel will show you how to use the Shape Tool to highlight your campaign message and make it pop.

Create variations for different platforms: Learn how to create multiple artboards in various sizes in the same document. This convenient technique streamlines the creation of ad designs tailored for different social media platforms, all while maintaining a consistent aesthetic.

By the end of this tutorial, you'll have a set of online ads ready to wow your audience!

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