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Create a flyer design in Linearity Curve

Design with Curve

Create a flyer design in Linearity Curve

Learn how to design a striking promotional flyer using the Text Tool and masks.

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    Design with Curve

What you’ll learn

Watch and follow along as Aysel demonstrates how to design a flyer using just a handful of tools.

Educational value

This tutorial equips you with the skills to create an impressive flyer design that demands attention. You'll learn how to:

Add a call to action: You'll discover how to utilize the Text Tool to incorporate your promo message seamlessly. Plus, Aysel will demonstrate how to distribute and align the text for a polished and professional look.

Create a mask from text: You'll discover how to transform your text layer into a mask, seamlessly integrating your background photo as the text fill.

Add a background color: You'll learn how to quickly draw a background color using the Shape Tool and organize it in the Layers tab.

Add finishing touches: Use the Text Tool to include all essential event details. Aysel will guide you on strategically placing it within the composition, alongside your company logo.

Bonus takeaways: Discover a handy trick for vectorizing text, allowing it to be transformed into a masked object.

Now all that's left is to print your design and share it with the world!

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