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Visual Hierarchy: Beginners vs Pros

Design with Curve

Visual Hierarchy: Beginners vs Pros

Learn how to improve design using visual hierarchy in a poster with the talented Will Paterson.

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    Design with Curve

⚠️ Vectornator is now Linearity Curve. In the video, the previous Vectornator interface is displayed.

What you’ll learn

Tackle the topic of visual hierarchy to create beautiful layouts that convey your key message at one glance.

Educational value

Design has been around since the beginning of time. From the time of stone tablets to the electronic devices we use today, we have used and continue to use design to communicate an important message.

In this tutorial, you will learn about visual hierarchy and how to use it to improve your designs and optimize your users’ experiences. Visual hierarchy plays a key role in planning your information architecture to help your users navigate your product more easily. This can drastically reduce the effort needed to engage with your design.

Visual Hierarchy is used to rank design elements and influence in the order you want your users to view them. Using principles like contrast, scale, balance, and more, you can help establish each element in its rightful place and help the most important elements stand out.

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Will Paterson
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