It’s exciting times here at Linearity.

Since we launched Linearity Curve (previously known as Vectornator) in 2017, hundreds of thousands of users have integrated Linearity Curve into their daily workflow. This is a huge milestone for our entire team, and we’re so grateful for the support from our community.

Today, Linearity Curve is more powerful than ever. The dynamic platform has seen countless updates since its debut, but we’re not slowing down yet. In fact, we’re now working harder than ever to bring our users all the tools they need and more.

We recently announced our new brand, and along with it came the promise of advanced AI tools, real-time collaboration, and a brand new Linearity product for marketing motion graphics.

As the founder and CEO of Linearity, I want to take the opportunity to share our vision for the future and the remarkable plans we have in store.

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Our reasons for rebranding

For years, Vectornator (now Linearity Curve) has been an intuitive, easy-to-learn, and powerful vector design tool for illustrations and graphic designs. We’ve always had an amazing huge base of dedicated users who love our product. They’ve helped us to grow Linearity to what it is today, and we wouldn’t be here without their support.

The decision to rebrand stems from our commitment to providing immense value to our users and expanding our capabilities. We investigated the experiences of marketing designers and pinpointed shared workflow pain points, especially around collaboration and lack of templates. With the vision of bringing marketing departments up to speed with modern practices, we are determined to break free from outdated software and embrace the standard set by Figma, with collaboration at the core.

We decided to revolutionize the marketing design world. We updated our look to be more modern and future-focused, and brought our company name, Linearity, into the forefront, by renaming Vectornator to Linearity Curve.

Our future vision

We're building the go-to tool suite for marketing teams of all sizes. We're providing a modern, unified, all-in-one solution for teams to create marketing assets collaboratively, in a way that saves time and money.

Linearity Curve is already packed with powerful tools for creating marketing assets, but there’s now room for even more. We’re launching more AI tools and real-time collaboration to make the creation process even faster.

However, videos are much more effective than images when it comes to grabbing attention. Motion graphics are dominating the industry, and video is the future. But today they’re complex, ridiculously expensive, and slow to produce. That’s why we’re expanding our platform to a suite of tools with Linearity Move later this year. This game-changing motion graphics software will empower teams to quickly transform their static assets into engaging animations that drive amazing results.


Introducing Linearity Move

Linearity Move is a natural extension of our design ecosystem. Anyone who uses Linearity Curve will feel right at home in this new (but familiar) environment, and the two tools work seamlessly together.

Animation shouldn’t be complicated. That's it. Marketing teams today need to be able to create motion graphics and other marketing assets quickly and cost-efficiently.

Transform Your Ideas into Animations

Dive into the world of animation with Linearity Move. Perfect for beginners and professionals alike, our course guides you through creating stunning animations for any purpose.

We’re creating an animation tool that would allow anyone to create powerful motion graphics fast.

That’s what Linearity Move does—it allows you to create animations in an intuitive interface, share them with your team, and create marketing assets in a fraction of the time. This empowers teams to produce more and test multiple ideas.

We identified a gap in the market. The only motion graphic tools available were on wildly different ends of the spectrum–either extremely powerful tools with a steep learning curve, or very simple After Effects knock-offs that did not offer much utility for custom animations. We saw a chance to create something sleek and special.

We assembled a dedicated team, and interviewed motion designers, graphic artists, marketers, and more. With their insights, we sculpted a vision for Linearity Move, building upon our strong vector engine foundation. The prototype took shape, known then as "Project Silver.” When we showed its early capabilities to our internal team, their excitement confirmed we were onto something big.

Laptop showing business growth animation project

We have big plans for Linearity Move. We’re building innovative ways of editing keyframes, transitions, and positions. We’ll give you text, scene, and shape transitions, and enable presets that help speed up delivery time. Every feature is designed to reduce cost per minute and eliminate heavy workloads.

Linearity Move will be available to everyone soon, but we’re first rolling out early access via a waitlist. We'll be adding more features based on the initial user feedback to make it the best animation tool it can be.

 Graphic design and animation software promotional banner

What’s next for Linearity

We’ve got plenty to work on. My top priority is to make sure we never lose sight of the big picture and the reason behind all of this. We're true believers in the power of team collaboration, and we're confident that by shaking the marketing design world, we’ll help companies soar to new heights at a faster pace.

In short, our mission at Linearity is to enable marketing teams to scale rapidly, boost creativity and productivity, and drive amazing results.

We’ve got a lot of exciting plans on the horizon. Stay tuned!

Jumpstart your ideas with Linearity Curve

Take your designs to the next level.

The future of Linearity: insights from our CEO | Linearity
The future of Linearity: insights from our CEO