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Get ready elevate your design capabilities with the upcoming launch of Linearity Move, our revolutionary animation software. Designed to blend simplicity with high-performance functionality, Linearity Move is engineered to transform the animation landscape for designers of all skill levels.

Linearity Move is now ready to download. Check out some of the fantastic features you'll get on launch day.

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Animate static assets in seconds with Linearity Move.

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Accelerate your workflow with Auto Animate

We get it. Animation can be super intimidating. But what if we told you that Linearity Move does all the nitty gritty for you? That’s where Auto Animate comes in.

With this powerful feature, all you need to do is prepare a vector design file (.curve, .figma, or .ai) with all the the key moments of your animation as individual artboards or frames. Once you import them into Linearity Move, our software will interpret how an element should move based on its position from one artboard to another. For example, if you have a shape that’s positioned in the center of one artboard but outside of the canvas in the next, Auto Animate will automatically create an animated transition between those two positions to show the object moving out of the frame. No need to create all those “in-betweens” yourself.

Auto Animate ensures consistently polished results, but it you're looking for that extra touch of uniqueness, you can refine each movement directly by fine-tuning the animation curves. Additionally, effortlessly reposition, resize, or rotate any element directly on your canvas, automatically generating keyframes in the timeline with each adjustment.

To discover exactly how it works, check out Maddy's tutorial below.

Tweak designs without switching software

When you're in the zone with your creativity, having to switch software just for tiny tweaks can be a real drag. But with Linearity Move, you can breeze through without any interruptions and keep that creative vibe alive. Our software introduces a groundbreaking approach to the animation process with its innovative dual modes: Animate and Design.

Animate mode is your command center for animation and timeline control, giving you the reins to manage every movement and transition with precision. You can add presets and effects, morph one shape into another, edit animation curves, and more.

Design mode empowers you to make instantaneous adjustments to your animation's design properties. Whether it's tweaking colors, adjusting shapes, or swapping out an image, this mode allows you to make on-the-fly modifications without the tedious back-and-forth between different interfaces.


Optimize asset production speed with Linearity Curve integration

Linearity Curve and Linearity Move function harmoniously to offer an integrated workflow, empowering you to fuel your vector graphics with dynamic motion effortlessly.

When you open Linearity Move, you'll find all your vector files synced to your Linearity Cloud library. Just double click on a file to start animating it.

While the conventional method of file import remains an option, you can speed up the process by seamlessly transferring your artboards to Linearity Move through a straightforward copy-paste action.

Plus, the Assets Tab in Linearity Move syncs with the Assets Tab in Linearity Curve. That means all your go-to design elements are readily accessible in both interfaces, waiting to be brought to life.


Find out more about the advantages of the Assets Tab here.

You can also import and animate designs from Figma.

Harness creative control and save time with node animation

While Linearity Move offers a range of automated features for swift animations, we understand the significance of equipping you with the tools to shape movements that distinctly your own. That's where our dynamic node animation feature comes into play.

This intuitive functionality gives you total control over how your elements move. Seamlessly craft animations directly on your canvas by simply adjusting the nodes of an object. Every tweak triggers an automatic keyframe in the timeline, giving you the fluidity and control you need to bring your creations to life exactly as you envision them.

Streamline output with efficient scene and transition tools

With Linearity Move, simplicity is key. Each scene is neatly presented as a self-contained sequence of elements in your timeline, allowing you to maintain a clear and organized overview of your entire animation. No more getting lost in the intricacies of every single keyframe when you don't need to.

Crafting smooth transitions between scenes is quick and easy. You can effortlessly select the type, direction, and timing of your transitions, ensuring that your story flows seamlessly from one scene to the next.

And if you find the need to fine-tune the finer details, simply dive deep into any scene by simply double-clicking on it. This gives you immediate access to its layers and empowers you to refine every element and movement to perfection.

Excited about these incredible features? With its no-fuss interface and powerful capabilities, Linearity Move is set to become your go-to tool for creating beautiful animations effortlessly. Stay tuned for more updates!

Put designs into motion

Animate static assets in seconds with Linearity Move.

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