Exciting news! We just launched Linearity Move, our revolutionary animation software that simplifies motion graphics creation.

Capturing online attention with animated content is now within reach for design teams of all sizes. With Linearity Move, there's no need to outsource motion experts; it empowers teams to bring motion in house and achieve impressive results from the get-go.

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What is Linearity Move?

Linearity Move is a game-changing animation tool that revolutionizes the creation of motion graphics on both Mac and iPad. It empowers teams of designers to transform vector illustrations, online ads, brand promotions, social media assets, and beyond into captivating and dynamic motion graphics in no time.

Not only does Linearity Move unlock creative potential, but it also saves teams valuable time and money on production, making animation more accessible and efficient than ever.

Whether you aim to breathe life into static designs or start a project from scratch, achieving it all is just a few clicks away.


Why you should use animation in your content strategy

Is your business struggling to grab online attention? In today's crowded digital landscape, making your mark online is more important than ever, whether you’re freelance designer or a part of a larger team. Keeping up with trends is essential for getting your content noticed, and animation happens to be a favorite of the ever-elusive algorithm, giving your visibility the boost it needs.

Static visuals are no longer enough to break through the noise, but motion graphics are the dynamic alternative that go beyond delivering a message. It's about seizing attention and leaving an unforgettable mark. Whether you're unveiling a product or telling your brand story, animation helps break down complex concepts into bite-sized, compelling content that stops people scrolling. But it's not just about captivating your audience and communicating your stories; animated content goes the extra mile by driving real conversions.

Motion graphics are the undisputed champs across every online avenue, from social media to email and landing pages. Adding a video to your website not only skyrockets your search engine rankings but also slashes bounce rates. It's the secret to supercharging your online presence and engagement, leaving you wondering why you haven't jumped on the motion graphics bandwagon sooner.

Improving your business with animated content is easier and more affordable than you might imagine. Linearity Move is simple, yet powerful. Its straightforward interface eliminates unnecessary complexities, allowing you to start animating from day one.

Achieve professional results with these features

In our previous blog, we talked about 5 animation features you’ll love, including Auto Animate, node animation, and the ability to design and animate in one unified interface. But there’s even more Linearity Move features that can help designers animate in no time.

Boost efficiency with canvas animation

There are multiple ways to bring your static designs to life in Linearity Move. While Auto Animate generates movements automatically, you can also create your own unique animations by tweaking objects on your canvas.

Instead of grappling with the intricacies of your animation timeline—as is often the case with many traditional motion tools—you can effortlessly craft animations by moving, scaling, or rotating elements directly on your canvas. Linearity Move automatically generates the necessary keyframes in the timeline for you. This intuitive approach not only simplifies the animation process but also transforms it into a design-like experience.


Save time with one-click presets

At Linearity, we're all about boosting your workflow, and presets are like your handy shortcuts to sprinkle some time-saving magic on your animations.

With over 25 presets to choose from, you can instantly infuse captivating movements into any vector object or text with a single click. Choose from different fades, position changes, and scaling animations, or instantly invigorate your designs with attention-grabbing effects like 'Jump' and 'Jiggle.’


Captivate your audience with morphing

Morphing in animation is a slick technique that effortlessly transforms one image or shape into another, creating a smooth visual transition. Its fluid nature allows for creative storytelling, enabling brands to smoothly transition between product features, messages, or concepts, keeping the audience engaged.

With Linearity Move, it’s a total breeze to achieve the mesmerizing morphing effect. Just select two objects and press the “M” key to smoothly morph one into the other.


Empower your workflows with pinning

Linearity Move's pinning functionality stands out as a powerful feature crafted to elevate the efficiency of your team's animation processes.

They allow you to save and capture specific frames or states of an animation at various points in time. These saved snapshots can be used to anchor specific animations, offering a more efficient alternative to direct keyframe adjustments.

Activate Pinning Mode with a click on the Pin button above the timeline, and you can drop pins wherever you need them by simply clicking on the timeline. Establishing the start and end points of an animation is as easy as dropping two pins, turning any subsequent changes to your asset into a smooth animation between those points.


Linearity Curve and Linearity Move make the ultimate toolkit

Linearity Curve and Linearity Move work seamlessly together, empowering you to jump straight into animating your vector assets.

Those already acquainted with Linearity Curve will feel right at home in Linearity Move. Many familiar vector tools, like the Selection Tool and the Node Tool, feature in the toolbars of both platforms, ensuring a smooth and familiar experience.

Anything designed in Linearity Curve can effortlessly come to life in Linearity Move, and there are multiple quick ways to import your files. With a Linearity Cloud account, just a straightforward double click on .curve files in Linearity Move gets the animation ball rolling. You can also drag-and-drop of your static files directly into Linearity Move, and you're good to go.

Check out Maddy’s import method in the video tutorial below.

Effortlessly animate files from other tools

Not using Linearity Curve? No worries.

While Linearity products work seamlessly together, you aren’t tied in to using Linearity Curve.

You can also import vector files from Figma or Adobe Illustrator to Linearity Move.

For more helpful Linearity Move tutorials, head to the Linearity Academy.

Download Linearity Move today and start propelling your business forward.

And if you’re not quite ready to create a project from scratch, why not customize one of our free animation templates?

Put designs in motion

Animate marketing assets in seconds with Linearity Move.

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