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At Vectornator, there is one thing that always puts a smile on our face. That wonderful thing is reaching out to the users and getting to know more about them! One of the best parts of our job is discovering all the inspiring people behind the designs that keep our community alive.

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This week, we’re going to share the story of an ambitious Russian female designer, Alyona Kaznacheeva. Based in Saint Petersburg, she was an experienced artist who has worked with several magazines and agencies as an illustrator. Then, she took a big leap one year ago to achieve more. Alyona opened an online graphic design platform called “Draw it School”. Her website hosts all kinds of informative & educational content for amatuer designers and illustrators to get started. It’s important to note that her content is only in Russian at the moment.

Let’s get started with the interview! Here’s everything we asked her about designing, innovating and getting started with “Draw it School”.

Alyona Kaznacheeva
Alyona in her studio.

When did you start illustrating/drawing?

My mother sent me to art school when I was 5 years old. And so it all began there. During this time, my plans changed quite a bit. I wanted to be an architect, a freelance artist, decorate fabric designs, design clothes, everything really. As a result, after a while, I settled on being a fashion illustrator.‍

How did you find out about Vectornator?‍

Haha! it’s quite a short story actually. One of my students asked me “Why don't you have a course on Vectornator?” “What is it?” I replied curiously.After that interaction, I downloaded Vectornator within 5 minutes and haven’t looked back since.‍

Hand holding a stylus on a tablet displaying a graphic design app with an illustrated character

How did you learn to use Vectornator? Did you watch any Youtube/Instagram tutorials, or read any blog posts?

I studied myself and experimented with what software had to offer. I used to work in vector programs and therefore I know how these tools work for the most part. I also love your blog, there is a lot of useful information!‍

Tablet screen showing a drawing app interface with figures in different design stages

How was the learning curve? Was it easy to get up to speed?‍

Vectornator has a very native and intuitive interface, everything is immediately clear! And the best motivator to learn is mobility. Fly and draw! Super!

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What do you like most about Vectornator? Is there anything missing that you would like to see added soon?

I like the whole set of tools, interface, template library. Of course, the Pen tool as the main tool is the most useful. I would like more settings for the brush tool, the ability to save files in .eps, perspective, and have more trace settings.

Hand using a stylus on a tablet to edit a digital illustration of a woman

You mentioned that over 100 people attended your class. How do people discover the class? Are you advertising it in any way besides your website?

Apart from organic growth methods, we invite people to join the course using ads on Facebook and Instagram.

From the number of people that you taught, do you believe that many of them successfully integrated Vectornator in their workflow?

Yes, many students discover new areas that they didn’t know about before such as new styles like flat, logos, working with stock, shutterstock and customers. This really helps them expand their skill set! It’s also very easy to integrate and actually would be even easier if we could save work directly to stock from Vectornator.

‍How would you describe the experience level of your students with regards to illustrating?

Most of my students are just starting to draw. But, there are also those who are professionally engaged in design and illustration. So, they have come to learn about new trending techniques and find practical ways to tear themselves away from your computer to be able to travel and work. We really emphasize putting knowledge into practice in our teaching.

Series of illustrations featuring leisure activities, including surfing, yoga, and hula hooping

‍What inspired you to start those classes? When was your first class? Are the courses free?

I tested out the idea and saw a good result in terms of interest. A lot of students were inspired by flat style and generally learning about design. Even the beginners were great and worked hard!

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Although it’s difficult for some to switch to a pen and draw with dots, it is very interesting for me to observe how students develop. It is always a surge of good mood.‍

“Оften students write “thanks for showing me this vector style for me!” or “Oh, I fell in love with Vectornator!”

The first lessons began in July 2019. A group of 50 people came. Courses are paid, as we give support and certification. We have a lot more to come That brings our interview to a close. We thank Alyona Kaznacheeva and wish her all the best for the future.

Her Instagram: @alena.kaznacheeva
Draw It School Instagram: @drawit_online
Draw It School Website:

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This amazing designer teaches Vectornator online | Linearity