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Introducing Siri Integrations

  1. Import Photos
  2. Download Your Siri
  3. Import to Vectornator V1
  4. 3rd-Party

You’re likely familiar with Siri, the helpful voice assistant on iOS devices.

You can use Siri to ask questions, set alarms, and place calls. But have you ever used Siri for design?

Let’s dive deep into the world of Siri Shortcuts and discover new ways of improving your design workflow on your iPad, iPhone, and Mac.

Today, Siri gets to learn about Vectornator. We’ve introduced two new Siri Shortcuts to allow you to open new Vectornator documents in the blink of an eye (or a few voice commands). You can ask Siri to start a Vectornator document with the preferred background color of your choice!

If you don’t like talking to Siri, You can still use Siri Shortcuts through its widget or app.

These shortcuts are synced across your devices, meaning you can create a Vectornator document right from your iOS home screen!

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Add the new Vectornator Siri Shortcuts to your Home Screen and you’ll be one tap away from starting a new design project. Siri makes starting a new document easier than ever.

Pro Tip - You can add additional Siri commands in your iDevice Settings, Siri, and Search.

Import Photos

“Hey Siri, Import a Photo”

Selects a photo and opens a new Vectornator document.

“Hey Siri, Import to Vectornator”

Imports a PDF or image into Vectornator.

“Hey Siri, Import from Unsplash”

Searches for any image on Unsplash and imports it to Vectornator.

“Hey Siri, Import from Web”

Searches for any image on Google Images and imports it to Vectornator. You can use this to find logos, backgrounds, icons, and more!

Download Your Siri + Vectornator Shortcuts

Even though we're publishing this on April Fool's day, this is no joke!

Vectornator is Now Linearity Curve

Your favorite design tool has evolved! Discover the new name and look with the same powerful features you love.

You can download these Siri Shortcuts from here:

Compatible with (iOS, iPadOS, and macOS 14 and later).

New Vectornator Document V1

This shortcut lets you:

  • Create New Document.
  • Choose Background Color.

Import to Vectornator V1

This shortcut lets you:

  • Import Photo.
  • Import File (PDF, Vectornator, SVG, PNG).
  • Unsplash Search.
  • Google Images Search.

3rd-Party Shortcuts

Here are some Siri Shortcuts from the Siri Shortcuts community RoutineHub that can improve your design workflow.

For example, you can Install a Custom Font to your device, Generate a Meme, Insert Device Mockups on screenshots automatically, and Generate Your iOS App Icons automatically.

Here are more Siri Shortcuts that you can download automatically:

If you love to automate your design with shortcuts, please leave a comment below of what kinds of shortcut would improve your design workflow?

Speaking of improving workflows, stay tuned for a very exciting update coming early next week! Happy April, Vectornators!

Jumpstart your ideas with Linearity Curve

Take your designs to the next level.