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  • Unlimited files: Create as many static or animated assets as you like.
  • Unlimited use of all AI-powered features: Like the new AI backgrounds, revamped Auto trace, and Background Removal. (None of our AI features are trained using your files, unless you give clear consent).
  • Access to all the new features: Such as Workspaces, shearing, and new shortcuts.
  • Easily import your files from Figma: With the Linearity Figma plugin.
  • Unlimited artboards: Extend your design space beyond 2 artboards.
  • Unlimited, advanced export & printing options: Including SVG, PDF, and GIF with any resolution.
  • 3,000+ free templates: Choose from thousands of free static and animated templates.
  • Free tutorial videos and articles: Access our library of tutorial videos to learn how to get the most out of both apps.

Switch from Adobe or Figma to Linearity, and create static and animated assets in one suite.

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