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“Math is simultaneously one of the most beautiful topics in the world and one of the most abstract ones. Making the beauty behind structures visible and tangible, bringing them to live, is the passion driving many of my projects.”

iOrnament is a drawing app that combines geometric principles with the world of art. It gives you the chance to create beautiful designs, incredible patterns and mandalas. Echoing the strokes you draw by rules of symmetry, it fosters an ever-changing creative drawing experience.

The head behind iOrnament, Jürgen Richter-Gebert, is a Professor of Geometry and Visualization. He teaches at one of the most innovative universities in the world, Technical University of Munich. To elaborate, he specializes in developing processes for the automatic generation of geometric problem solutions as well as various geometric visualization software.

Working with symmetry groups unleashes a particular kind of creativity. So, why not bring this creativity to life with Vectornator?

Vectornator is a vector-based design software that lets you create sophisticated graphics, amazing layouts and illustrations. Our standout features are the outstanding performance, intuitive usability, and high level of user-friendliness.

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But who is the mind behind Vectornator? It is a nineteen-year-old German founder, Vladimir Danila. When he was 10 years old, he was frustrated by all the existing design solutions. They were either too complicated or too expensive. He then started to develop his own software, Vectornator, to combat this issue.

Vladimir and Jürgen thought this was a great chance to show you how to interact with the two design tools. They did this by creating three different patterns with iOrnament that reflect Vectornator Identity and then export them into Vectornator to play around and customize Branding.

The aim of the concept behind Vectornator Brand Identity is to reflect not just the product, the software, but also the people behind it that collaborate to create an inspiring design tool.

Develop, design, marketing

is what we do and what we are.

Design process

The main goal was to find a shape that represents the different people of the team and feels dynamic matching with the colors of the Vectornator Logo. We started with more literal metaphors such as brackets for the Development Team or brushes for the Design Team, and then moved towards an abstract direction, playing with the incredible Simmetry Groups on iOrnaments.


Double Tap on your Apple Pencil to manage your stroke in iOrnament

Different type of pattern switching between Simmetry Groups on iOrnaments

business card design app

Export as Image in iOrnament and Copy it to Vectornator

Combine the design tools Vectornator and iOrnament

Play with Blend Modes in Vectornator to highlight the pattern drawn on iOrnament.

Result of combining design tools

Export your design from Vectornator as PDF or any format you prefer to print it.

Designing the Brand Identity of Vectornator, we decided to communicate its values — Create. Collaborate. Inspire.

In general, combining different design tools will help you to create a unique Brand Identity. By using iOrnament and Vectornator you can unleash the power of symmetric patterns and vivid vectors, which will lift your skills to another level. It’s a way to let your creativity explode!

Use the hashtag #vectornator or #iornament and tag us on social media to have the chance to get featured.

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