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The power of motion

With video content ruling the web and social media, animation is a skill that all professional designers should have in their back pocket. Animating your drawings can truly set your characters and stories apart in the digital world, grab a larger audience, and even land you more clients. Learning something new can be tough, but Linearity Move makes it easy to add playful movement to your illustrations without any technical headaches.

Standout features

Linearity Move is built to make animation accessible to everyone.

Auto Animate

Import files, build your scenes, and watch as Auto Animate immediately goes to work.


Easily animate your designs by pinning start and end points within your chosen time range.


Effortlessly apply complex movements to elements with pre-made animations and effects.

Illustrator who can’t animate? Now you can.

Animation isn't a skill reserved solely for motion graphic designers—it's for everyone, including illustrators. Start with simple shapes and colors, and allow your creativity to take the lead. With Linearity Move's intuitive features, you can freely experiment and play around until you discover the perfect animation.

  • Auto Animate immediately creates the transitions between artboards and shapes.
  • Presets allow you to quickly and easily apply complex movements to elements.

Your all-in-one animation tool

Linearity Move revolutionizes the animation process by offering two distinct modes. Animate mode is your command center for animation and timeline control, giving you the reins to manage every movement and transition with precision. Simultaneously, Design mode empowers you to make on-the-fly adjustments to your animation's design properties effortlessly. No more back-and-forth between interfaces for those small tweaks. Enjoy a hassle-free experience and keep that creative momentum going strong.

  • Design and animate without switching software.
  • Work on the same synced file on iPad and on Mac
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How to animate your illustrations

Animate a drawing flower
Frame animation
timeline animation

Any vector graphics can seamlessly come to life in Linearity Move. But before you bring in your chosen illustration, take a second to tidy up those layers. Keep things organized, and make sure all the elements you want to animate are on separate layers. This little step will make your animation journey a whole lot smoother. Next, open Linearity Move and simply import your design file. Everything will appear in the timeline in the same order.

Whether you’re animating a character, a landscape, or an abstract pattern, it’s important to take the time to think about how you’d like your elements to move. Consider the flow, timing, and overall impact you want to create. We suggest starting with animating the background elements first, gradually bringing the foreground to life.

Easily add motion to your selections by a simple drag to change position, rotation, or scale. Alternatively, experiment with presets for animation effects like blur and fade, or effortlessly incorporate position and scale changes with just a click. Every change generates a new keyframe on the timeline. From there, you can easily adjust the timing of any movement.

If you have multiple scenes, add smooth transitions between them to keep your final animation engaging and seamless. You can play back your changes immediately, allowing you to enjoy a smooth and glitch-free animating experience that keeps up with your creative flow.

When you've perfected your animated drawings, it's time to export your project and share it with the world. Linearity Move enables you to save your videos in up to 8K resolution, ensuring a high frame rate throughout. This means your dynamic content can be displayed across various platforms, from social media posts and ads to web banners and even animated billboards.

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