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Bring motion graphics in-house

Linearity Move transforms your static assets into stunning motion graphics and your design team into animation superstars.

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Boost conversion with professional animations

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Stop outsourcing, start saving money

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All-in-one graphics and animation suite

Unlock animation for your business

  • Say goodbye to outsourcing. With Linearity Move, you no longer need to hire outside help to create dynamic animations and marketing assets.
  • For a fraction of the cost of an agency, your team can create breathtaking graphics and animations entirely in-house.
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Create content that converts

Flat designs bring flat results. Grab your audience’s attention with professional-quality motion graphics.

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2-in-1 design and animation software

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Easy to learn for design teams of any level

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Save money on high-quality animations

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Complete functionality, zero complexity

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Use Linearity to create

Move the needle on your marketing ROI

Increase engagement and conversion by making your assets dance.

Create attention-grabbing animations faster than ever before—and watch your marketing costs shrink.

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Don’t let your business stand still.

Animations grab and keep attention. From educational infographics to flashy banners, Linearity Move lets you create stunning motion graphics for every application.

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Decrease CAC with tailored content

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Simplify complex ideas

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Multiply your content’s reach

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Increase brand engagement

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Animations are the future. Don’t miss out.

Motion graphics don’t just look cool, they drive results.


higher click-through rates


higher CVR over static content


drop in CPC

App Store Awards Finalist

App Store Awards Finalist

G2 Reviews

G2 Reviews

App Store Reviews

App Store Reviews

Over 6 Million Designs Created

Over 6 Million Designs Created

Capterra Reviews

Capterra Reviews

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“Animating in Adobe After Effects feels like maths compared to Linearity Move”


Art Director at YadiYada



Linearity is compatible with Figma, Illustrator, and any other vector design format. Install our Linearity Figma Plugin to seamlessly import and animate your assets in Move.

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Available on AppStore

Enjoy a seamless, Apple-native experience on both iPad and Mac. Need to really get into the details? Grab your Apple Pencil for extra precision.

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