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Transform ideas into stunning digital illustrations

Linearity helps transform your ideas from concept to vector illustration to animated asset faster than ever.

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Complete functionality, zero complexity

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Animate your illustrations in one click

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Paper-like iPad experience

Create marketing assets 30% faster

Linearity Curve for Mac, iPad, and iPhone makes creating professional-quality illustrations a cinch.

Take your brand visuals to the next level with stunning digital art and pixel-perfect drawings.

Effortlessly craft social media and ad assets, print materials, brand visuals—Linearity does it all.

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Illustration and animation in a single software suite

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Instantly toggle between illustrating and animating

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Browse + download free templates for every type of asset

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All-in-one design suite for iOS and Mac

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Create your own library of design assets

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Create in-house. Save time and money

Illustration software doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated.

Linearity gives your team the freedom, power, and flexibility to create the assets you need without breaking the bank.

Teams that switch to Linearity reduce their asset production costs by an average of 30%.

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Get an instant boost with free tutorials

Your Linearity Curve account gives you access to our vast library tutorials to help you increase your abilities and boost productivity. 

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App Store Awards Finalist

App Store Awards Finalist

G2 Reviews

G2 Reviews

App Store Reviews

App Store Reviews

Over 6 Million Designs Created

Over 6 Million Designs Created

Capterra Reviews

Capterra Reviews


Linearity is compatible with Figma, Illustrator, and any other vector design format. Install our Linearity Figma Plugin to seamlessly import and animate your assets in Move.

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Available on AppStore

Enjoy a seamless, Apple-native experience on both iPad and Mac. Need to really get into the details? Grab your Apple Pencil for extra precision.

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