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Create a packaging design in Linearity Curve

Design with Curve

Create a packaging design in Linearity Curve

Discover how to create packaging designs with Linearity Curve and become a Pen Tool pro.

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    Design with Curve

What you’ll learn

Watch and learn as Aysel creates a cool packaging design in just a few easy steps.

Educational value

Unleash your inner packaging designer with this easy tutorial and create products that stand out on shelves. Discover invaluable techniques such as:

Tracing with the Pen Tool: We'll use the precise Pen Tool to trace the shape of the product box and then fill it with the background color. You'll learn how adjusting the opacity can provide better control over your shape, allowing you to fine-tune the design until it's perfect.

Free-handing with the Pencil Tool: Let's infuse some energy into our design using freehand shapes in vibrant, contrasting colors. With the Pencil Tool, you have the freedom to draw without constraints, so feel free to embrace your creativity and explore new ideas.

Tweaking shapes with the Node Tool: You'll learn how to edit your vector paths with the Node Tool, so your shapes are exactly how to want them.

Masking: Discover how masking can seamlessly fit your pattern within the boundaries of the packaging shape.

Adding details with the Shape Tool: Aysel demonstrates a quick method of incorporating boundary lines into her design using the Shape Tool.

Incorporating text: Check out how Aysel effortlessly adds the product name and details using the Text Tool. It's all about keeping it visually appealing by playing with basic hierarchy rules.

Bonus Takeaways: Discover how to use Boolean Operations to create a shape with a cutout in the middle by subtracting one shape from another.

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