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Design a weekly planner


Design a weekly planner

Dive into the creative world of designing a personalized weekly planner for the year 2023 with Maddy. She'll guide us in this step by step tutorial to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing planner from scratch.

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⚠️ Vectornator is now Linearity Curve. In the video, the previous Vectornator interface is displayed.

What you’ll learn

Learn to design a customized weekly planner, covering document setup, layout grids, color palettes, and fonts.

Educational value

This tutorial offers valuable insights into graphic design and layout principles, providing viewers with a hands-on experience in creating a practical and visually appealing weekly planner.

You'll gain proficiency in using our design software tools, setting up grids for layout consistency, choosing harmonious color palettes, and enhancing typography for clear communication.

Furthermore, you'll develop illustration skills and learn how to incorporate engaging visuals into your designs. These skills can be applied to planner design and various graphic design projects, making this tutorial an excellent resource for anyone interested in improving their design abilities and organizational tools.

Maddy, our in-house illustrator will guide us in:

  • how to set up a document ic-document-tab icon,
  • design layout grids ic-show-grid icon,
  • choose color palettes ic-palettes-tab icon,
  • incorporate fonts ic-text icon,
  • add charming illustrations and stickers ic-smile icon,
  • how to maintain a clear visual hierarchy ic-textbox icon.

By the end of this tutorial, you'll have a beautifully designed planner ready to help you stay organized and inspired throughout the year.

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Maddy Zoli
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