In Linearity Curve, you can access a large library of diverse fonts, but when you can’t find a fitting typeface, you can also import custom fonts and expand your font library.

To install custom fonts on Linearity Curve on iOS and iPadOS systems, you’ll need to download a third-party app for managing your fonts before they can be downloaded to your device.

Back in 2020, we launched Fontinator which helps you create and organize your own library of custom fonts, but there are various options available on the App Store.

Step 1: Install a font manager

There are several apps that allow you to install custom fonts, but in this guide, we'll show you how iFont can do the job.

Install a font manager

Step 2: Download your font

In Safari, find and download a custom font in .ttf or .otf format using one of the websites we mentioned earlier. Download the font to your device. Tap the download icon in the top-right, and then select the font in the download manager. You'll be directed to the Files app where your downloads are stored.

Download your font

Step 3: Install the font on your device

Leave the Files app and open iFont. In iFont, click on 'Imported Files' in the left-hand-side navigation bar. Then, tap the import icon in the top-right corner, and choose the font when you're taken to the Files app. Next, hit open, then select 'Install' next to the custom font file. You'll see a tutorial, which you can skip.

install font on your device

Step 4: Download configuration profile

You'll need to download a configuration profile by tapping "Allow." Note that this process must be repeated for each custom font, requiring individual configuration profile downloads for each one.

download configuration profile

Step 5: Install configuration profile

After downloading the configuration profile, it's not yet installed. To do so, open the Settings app on your iPad or iPhone, navigate to General > Profiles, and select the profile for your custom font.

If you can’t see your profiles, you should see a “Profile Downloaded” button at the top left, under your Apple ID details.

Next, click on "Install" and input your device password. You'll then have to tap "Install" two more times to complete the installation process. Finally, select "Done."

install configuration profile

Step 6: Use the font in Linearity Curve

Open Linearity Curve and select the Text Tool. You’ll find your new font ready to use in your designs.

Use the font in Curve
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