You can create and save multiple Color Palettes in Linearity Curve, and add or delete singular colors, including gradients, from your Color Palette. Additionally, you have the option to set a Primary Palette in the Color Picker menu.

Linearity Curve allows you to also import a Color Palette, you can either select swatches and ASE files from your folders or just drag and drop the Swatches directly from Procreate into Linearity Curve.

Only users who have iOS 14 installed will be able to access this feature.

The default color palettes

When you install Linearity Curve, you get twelve brand new additional Default Color Palettes: Essentials, Rainbow Power, Cotton Candy, Tokyo Neons, Lost in Space, Mother Nature, Sunset Burn, Ocean Blue, Hot Desert, Vintage Dream, Berlin Grays, and Skin Deep. You can find them in the Palettes Tab ic-palettes-tab icon.

color palettes


⚠️ Once you delete the default palettes, you can’t restore them.

How to Create a Color Palette

To add a new Color Palette in Linearity Curve, move to the Palettes Tab by tapping the button Palettes ic-palettes-tab icon at the bottom of the Color Widget. At the top right corner of this window, you will find a ic-plus icon button (2) that allows you to:

  • A – Create a palette from scratches
  • B – Import it from your swatches or ASE files
  • C – generate a palette from an image
Create a color palette

To create a new Color Palette in Linearity Curve, tap the button and then tap Create ic-plus icon. A new empty, greyed-out Color Palette appears at the bottom of the Palettes Tab.

step 2

To add new colors to your empty Color Palette, go back to the Color Picker to choose the first swatch of your palette. Now, go back to the Palettes Tab and tap the ic-plus icon button inside the empty palette you just created. A new color swatch will appear automatically inside the palette.

Repeat the process to add more colors to your Color Palette.

step 3

Create a custom color palette from a photo

You can create a custom Color Palette by extracting colors from images in the Photos App.

Open the Color Panel, and in the Palettes Tab ic-palettes-tab icon, you can see your palettes. Tap the symbol in the top right corner and select the option From Photo ic-photo icon.

As soon as you tap From Photo, you’ll be able to navigate to the Photos App, where you can see all your saved images. Tap on an image to extract a palette from the colors contained within the image.

Linearity Curve will extract six random color swatches from the image and add a new custom-made palette with the ic-photo icon icon as its title. You can rename the palette by tapping on the palette title.

Create a palette from photo

Set a primary palette

To optimize your workflow, you can set your new Palette as the Primary Palette. That way the colors will be directly displayed at the bottom of your Color Picker Tab.

To set a Color Palette as the Primary Palette, tap on the ic-more icon button in the Palettes Tab and choose the option Set as Primary. A ic-star icon icon will appear to the right of the palette’s name so that you can immediately recognize which one is your Primary palette.

In this menu, you can also rename or delete the Color Palette. To do so, tap the ic-more icon button in the Palettes Tab once more and choose Rename and/or Delete.

Set a primary color palette


The Color Palettes will be displayed simultaneously in the Color Widget to the left side of your screen and in the Color Picker menu to the right side of the screen.

Import a color palette

You can also import Color Palettes in swatches and ASE formats.

To import a Color Palette in Curve, tap the + button at the top right corner of the Palettes Tab and then choose Import ic-import icon. Select the Procreate swatches file or the Adobe ASE file and tap on it and the palette will be automatically displayed in the Color Picker menu.

Import color swatches

Drag and drop a palette from Procreate

To drag and drop a color palette from Procreate to Linearity Curve, open Curve first.

In the next step, open Procreate and select the Color Palette you wish to import into Curve from the Palettes Tab of Procreate.

Select the Color Palette in Procreate and hold and drag it while simultaneously bringing Linearity Curve to the screen foreground and drop the Palette directly into the Palettes Tab of Curve.

Another option is to open Curve and Procreate simultaneously on iPad in Split View Mode and then repeat the steps as described above.

That’s it! You have imported your Color Palette from Procreate to Linearity Curve with the simple drag & drop technique.

Search for Color Palettes

You can now search for specific palettes within the Palettes Tab ic-palettes-tab icon menu, thanks to our new Search Box. Just tap on the bar and type the name of the palette you are searching for.

Search for color palette
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