Hello Linearity friends,

Last week, Our CEO Vladimir Danila announced an exciting new feature that is arriving with our next major update: Vectornator X4 (now Linearity Curve).

Jumpstart your ideas with Linearity Curve

Take your designs to the next level.

Today, we’re introducing another major feature that many of you Vectornators have been countlessly asking for.

The feedback from our community was loud and clear and many of our users have been requesting improvements to our Brush tool. In fact, it is the most requested feature over at our support channel.

New Beginnings

Our team was set on a mission to reimagine our Brush tool and to do that, we built a brand new one from the ground up. Starting with the engine that drives all your brush strokes. The new brush engine is not only faster, smoother and more powerful than our old engine, it also packs brand new options to customize the brush shape, form and speed.

A Powerful Brush Editor

While designing the brush tool, we settled for a number of new options that help you customize each brush to your liking. You’ll finally be able to change your brush shape, contour, smoothness, speed and create your own brushes. On top of that, the new tool will support pressure sensitivity for all of our Apple Pencil users.

Create your own Library of Brushes

Now, with all the added options, the possibilities are endless. In result, it is essential to make switching between different brushes that you create as seamless as possible. For that, we added a new place for you to create, manage and store all your shiny new brushes!

Unleash Your Creativity with the Brush Tool

Discover the power and flexibility of the Brush Tool in Linearity Curve. Our step-by-step tutorial will guide you through its features to enhance your artistic expression.

Exciting Isn’t It?

The new brush tool is set to arrive with Vectornator X4 update. However, this is only the beginning. We will keep on improving brushes and adding new features along the way in future updates.

Now, we believe that the new brushes will be a great companion to illustrators and artists. A tool to create complex, dynamic and intricate strokes and paths that truly empower your workflow and take your designs to a new level. Our team can’t wait for you to try the new brush tool and hear all your feedback soon.

We would love to share more details about Vectornator X4, so stay tuned for more exciting announcements in the next few days.

Jumpstart your ideas with Linearity Curve

Take your designs to the next level.