Hello, everyone. Jiamin, here, the Localization Manager at Linearity. I’m thrilled to announce that our website is now available in Spanish. As many of you may already know, our software is multilingual, supporting fourteen languages, and a significant portion of our user base speaks Spanish.

Seeing so many of you enjoy our software in your own language brings us an incredible amount of joy. This positive response has motivated us to provide even more valuable content to our Spanish-speaking community.

When we first began localizing our website, it marked a significant milestone in our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. Two years ago, we recognized a striking inconsistency between our software and website. While our software seamlessly supported 14 languages, our website was only available in English.

Laptop screen showing a website in Spanish with educational content and illustrations

Back then, we were a start-up with only two people on the education team. We had the daunting task of building the localization workflow from the ground up. This meant finding language experts and setting up a robust multilingual web system. It wasn't easy, but we were determined to make it happen.

During the process of developing Linearity Spanish, we were faced with the overwhelming challenge of translating a substantial volume of content. We're talking over 110,000 words — a length similar to that of a Harry Potter novel. Yet, we embraced this challenge with enthusiasm, knowing that it would allow us to better serve our diverse community.

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Our dedication to overcoming these challenges, combined with the warm reception we received in the Chinese market last year, has fueled our excitement about expanding our localization efforts to the Spanish market.

Spanish is the language we're embracing next!

Hola a todos. Estamos encantados/as de anunciaros que nuestro sitio web ya está disponible en español. Hace dos años, detectamos una discordancia entre nuestro software y nuestro sitio web. El software era accesible en 14 idiomas, pero el sitio web solo estaba disponible en inglés.

Por aquel entonces, en nuestra start-up solo trabajaban dos personas en el equipo educativo. Tuvimos que desarrollar el proyecto de traducción y localización desde cero. En Linearity en español estamos orgullosos/as de haber traducido ya más de 110 000 palabras!

Linearity.io is now available in Spanish!

We’re thrilled to unveil our Spanish experience, designed to be warm, inviting, and inclusive. As we expand our horizons, we invite you to explore Linearity Español. In this space, you can immerse yourself in our platform's offerings tailored to our Spanish-speaking community.

For a sneak peek into what awaits you, take a moment to delve into our Curve and Move video trailers, now meticulously translated into Spanish. These captivating resources provide a taste of the exciting journey that lies ahead.

But the excitement doesn't stop there! We've also gone the extra mile by translating all our use case pages, Academy videos, and additional resources into Spanish. This comprehensive endeavor empowers you to fully engage with our educational content, expanding your knowledge and ensuring you maximize your Linearity experience.

And that's not all; we're here to support you every step of the way. Should you ever have questions or seek guidance, our Spanish FAQ section is at your service, conveniently providing answers to all your questions.

Estamos encantados de presentarte Linearity en español, una experiencia acogedora, atractiva e inclusiva. Echa un vistazo a nuestros tráilers de Curve y Move, ahora traducidos al español. Así te harás una idea del viaje emocionante que te espera.

También hemos traducido al español todas nuestras páginas de casos prácticos, vídeos de la Academia y otros recursos. De esta manera, podrás participar en nuestro contenido educativo, ampliando tus conocimientos para maximizar tu experiencia Linearity. Además, ponemos a tu disposición nuestra sección de preguntas frecuentes en español para resolver tus dudas.

Access Linearity Spanish with one click

To make your navigation even easier, we've added a language switcher on our website. With this simple tool, you can seamlessly explore our Spanish content with just one click.

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To access our Spanish website seamlessly, simply navigate to the first quadrant of the footer on the Linearity website, where you'll find a globe icon. Click on this globe icon, and a user-friendly drop-down menu will appear, showcasing all the available languages, including Spanish.

Graphic interface showing a menu with language options and a pointer selecting 'Español'

Our vision for Linearity Spanish

As we launch Linearity.io in Spanish, we're not just stopping at translation—we have an exciting vision for the future that's all about enhancing your experience:

More tutorial videos

Expect a growing library of tutorial videos in Spanish. We're committed to providing you with in-depth explanations and valuable tips to help you harness the full potential of Linearity. Stay tuned for insightful guidance.

Webpage with a woman teaching 'Curve on Mac' in a video tutorial

Complete user guides

We're preparing comprehensive user guides in Spanish, simplifying your journey to becoming a Linearity expert. These guides will empower you with the knowledge you need to master our platform effortlessly.

Join the community

We're inviting you to become an active part of our community. By participating in our forums, you can connect with fellow Spanish-speaking users, share your insights, ask questions, and engage in collaborative discussions. It's an opportunity to be part of a vibrant and supportive community dedicated to making the most of Linearity.

With these exciting future plans, Linearity Spanish is set to become a dynamic hub for learning, connecting, and growing together. Stay with us as we continue to evolve and enrich your Linearity experience.

Para acceder a nuestro sitio web en español, haz clic en el icono del globo terráqueo que hallarás en el pie de página de la web de Linearity. Te aparecerá un menú desplegable con los idiomas disponibles.

Nuestras expectativas respecto a Linearity en español son producir más vídeotutoriales y guías de usuario completas en español. Únete a nuestra comunidad y participa en foros, conecta con otros usuarios hispanohablantes, comparte tus ideas... ¡Crezcamos juntos en Linearity en español!
Close-up of a website menu with language selection highlighting 'Español'

Get started with Linearity Spanish today!

We're thrilled to welcome you to our Spanish-language Linearity.io! We hope this expansion enriches your experience with us. As we continue to evolve and grow, we're committed to providing valuable resources and support to our Spanish-speaking users. Stay connected with us, explore the Spanish version of our website today, and be part of our ever-expanding community.

With Linearity Spanish, the possibilities are endless. Take the first step by clicking below:

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