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Back in the 70s, even though the resources were limited, the average person saw between 500 to 1600 ads per day.

In 2007, the number jumped to around 5,000 ads per day. In 2021, thanks to the internet and technological advancements, the average person sees between 6,000 and 10,000 ads per day. It might sound a lot, but keep in mind that “anywhere the eye can see, it’s likely to see an ad.” Since logos play a crucial role when any brand advertises itself, you will likely see thousands of logos every day.

 A book page displaying a collection of black and white circular logos
Image Source: Pinterest

Considering all this, it is understandable why competition is becoming more intense and complex. Nowadays, brands have to develop a unique logo and something that will stick to people’s minds.

This article will explore the definition of logos, why you need a logo, and how many different types of logos are out there. It will also give you an overview of cool logo ideas to get you inspired. In the end, we will also give you a few design tips on how to create a logo in a few simple steps.

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The word logo comes from the term “logogram,” which means a sign or a character representing a word. Logogram was used for the first time in 1820. The word logo is just a shortened version of the word “logogram.” Today, it refers to a simple symbol or graphic that represents something, be it a company, a person, a group, etc.

A logo is the first thing people will remember about your brand. Consider your logo the profile picture of your business, but one that you can't change very often.

The logo will help your customers associate your company’s name with your products and what you represent. A logo represents your entire brand, and as such, you should choose it carefully.

While there are companies that change their logos every few years, this move is not recommended unless:

Your company is changing

If the company is going through significant changes, such as launching a new product or going eco-friendly, it is understandable if the old logo needs to be re-designed.

A logo is most often changed as part of a company rebrand. The idea is to have a logo that will match the feel of your brand and what it represents. So changing it for any of these reasons or similar ones is probably a move in the right direction.

Your company is well-known

If you are a small or medium company and have invested a lot in getting your logo recognized, changing your logo often will hurt your business. You might have to start “building” your name from scratch, especially if the logo you are currently using does not contain the name of your brand.

Companies like Apple, which gained a lot of success early on, could afford to change the logo as often as they wished; sometimes even introducing two logos within the same year. But Apple is one of the exceptions.

If your company is somewhat recognized and wants to change the logo at all costs, there is a way. You do not have to redesign the entire logo. Try to make small changes to your current logo while preserving the original one as much as you can. You can do these minor changes every few years until you are happy with how the logo looks and represents your brand.

Your company is relatively new

Is your company just starting? Do you believe not many people have heard your company name or seen your logo? Then this is the best time to experiment with different logos. You have nothing to lose at this point, so you have the freedom to try out other logos and see which one best represents your brand.

You can start A/B testing with your family and circle of friends to gather general opinions. Alternatively, if you have a small budget for ads, you can also do A/B testing with your top two logos and see which logo is most successful in terms of how many people click on the ad or interact with it.

These tests will prove valuable in the long run since they will give you an overview of what works for your brand and what people like to see.

In most cases, a logo is the first “contact” your potential customers will have with your brand. A logo identifies you and, in some cases, can also give people a hint as to the industry you belong to.

You need the logo for business cards, website or landing pages, cover letter, email, banner, booklet, any other printed materials. You also need it for social media channels or any official channels you have.

The purpose of having a logo is to:

  1. Give your company a “face” and identity
  2. Distinguish yourself from other brands, especially direct competitors
  3. Help your brand look professional
  4. Increase trustworthiness
  5. Help people recognize your brand and what you offer
  6. Help you to attract the right customers for you
  7. Promote your business

How many types of logos are there?

There are seven main types of logos. Let’s take a brief look at each logotype:

Any logo that contains a symbol, text, or imagery inside a geometric shape is called an emblem logo. These types of logos are memorable and give your brand an official look.

However, if you want to create a modern logo, we would not suggest this type. Emblem logos provide a more traditional feel rather than a modern feel to your brand.

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2. Combination mark

This type of logo is one of the most common ones as it combines different types of logos into one. You can mix and match any kind of logo and get a combination mark logo.

Are you a new business and not sure if you want to use the name as the logo? Do you want to use a combination of image pieces with text? This type of logo is the best one to experiment with.

The best thing about this type of logo is that you can change it later and still be recognized. For instance, you can remove the text from the logo and leave the symbol, and the brand will still be recognizable. Nevertheless, do this only if you believe your brand will still be recognizable after removing the text.

3. Pictorial mark

Logos that contain only a symbol and no text are called pictorial marks. This type of logo is one of the most scalable ones since it conveys the brand identity using only a symbol. It is not suggested for companies that are starting out and not very well-known to the public.

If you have a symbol you want to use but are not a well-known brand, you can add its name to the logo and turn it into a combination mark.

Be careful with the length of the company name, though. Pictorial marks work best with one word or a maximum of two words if you want to convert the logo into a combination mark logo.

4. Wordmark

As its name suggests, the entire logo is the name of the brand. It does not include any images, symbols, emblems, and so on. Since it is straightforward, the main focus when it comes to design is typography design.

You will have to find a font that is readable, clear, and represents your brand. Later on, you can turn these logos into combination marks if you decide to add an image or symbol to your logo. It is perfect for new businesses too.

Abstract logos are unique and instantly recognizable. They also use abstract elements and geometrical forms, giving you the freedom to be as creative as you wish.

For this reason, this type of logo is preferred if you want to transmit a fresh and modern feel to your customers. If you are a design company, a music studio, and so on, you would benefit more from this type of logo than, for instance, using an emblem logo.

Want your logo to look professional and straightforward at the same time? Then a monogram logo would be your best bet.

This type of logo is scalable and perfect if your brand has several names or words and wants to turn them into an acronym. Taking the first letter of each word or term and reducing your brand's name to an acronym will help you make an easily recognizable logo.

Mascot logos are one of the most fun and friendly logos. They are also one of the easiest logos to recognize. However, if you wish to transmit a more professional look, try to pick any of the other six types of logos mentioned above. This type of logo is perfect if your brand is also all about fun and entertainment.

The only big downside of this logo is that you cannot change the mascot once people associate the mascot with your brand. So, if you go with this type of logo, pick a mascot that will stand the test of time and, at the same time, connects well with your brand identity.

To read more about these logotypes, look at this article we published a few months ago.

Logo ideas to get you inspired

Are you looking for logo design inspiration? In the following, we will give a few logo ideas to get your juices flowing.

We will also classify the logo ideas into those seven categories mentioned earlier. This way, it will be easier for you to pick one type and get inspired by similar logos that fall into the same category.

1. Emblem Logo Idea

A logo with a horse-drawn carriage inside a circle above the word "HERMES."
Image Source: Pinterest

This black and white emblem logo features some small figures. You can see the letter H in the middle, which stands for Hermes, the brand’s name.

Hermes created its first logo after World War II. During that time, the company used to sell carriage accessories for the aristocracy. Nowadays, the brand sells fashion accessories, belts, scarves, ties, watches, and perfumes.

However, they decided to keep the symbol of the horse and carriage. It pays tribute to what the company used to manufacture in its early days.

Jean-Louis Dumas, former chairman of the Hermès group and also the company's artistic director, once said, “the first client is the horse; the second, the rider.”

And we can see this reflected in the logo since we first see the horse with the carriage and then the rider. It is a beautiful transition that reflects the history of the company simply and memorably.

Nevertheless, even this logo has its drawbacks. Since it contains a lot of small design elements, the logo is not scalable. If you used this or a similar logo in a business card or something smaller, you wouldn’t be able to notice the horse, the carriage, or the rider. The only element that would still be visible is the letter “H.”

2. Combination Mark Idea

"Grow" logo with a stylized black plant
Image Source: Pinterest

This simple logo visualizes growth in a simple yet creative way. The brand’s name and the visual go very well together. This type of combination mark logo can also work if you use negative space. So if you are not sure what to accompany your brand’s name, find a simple element that will give sense to the name or vice versa.

More often than not, modern logos also use basic shapes and one or two colors. Even if you have created some colorful versions in your head, try experimenting with black color schemes.

Black and white is also a common logo color scheme. Try to make the entire logo black and white and then compare it with the other colorful versions. We suggest you also experiment with another combination of colors and color choices. Experiment with different symbols, too, and see which one works best with the brand’s name.

"FOOD WALK" logo featuring a figure with a fork and a knife on a red background
Image Source: Pinterest

The example above is another combination mark logo that combines “Food Walk” with a symbol. The symbol uses a spoon and a fork to represent food, while the human feet represent the second part of the brand name’s: “walk.”

The logo has two versions. The other version uses the bright orange color to fill out the symbol and the name. It just proves how easy it is to take advantage of negative space, even with a colorful logo, as long as you use only two colors.

Looking at most restaurant logos or fast food logos, you will notice the preeminent usage of bold colors such as red, orange, and yellow. These colors are often associated with food and have a psychological effect on customers that invites them to eat.

Therefore, it is understandable why the designer chose these colors for this particular combination mark logo. If you want to transmit a feeling of healthy eating or healthy food, you can also opt for green colors or add a clean lemon icon to add freshness to the design.

3. Pictorial Marks Idea

Two silhouetted cats facing each other
Image Source: Pinterest

You could easily use this logo for one of those tests that prove whether you are a dog or a cat person. Did you first see a dog or two cats? Jokes aside, this logo idea is a perfect example of a pictorial mark logo as it tells all you need to know in a simple symbol.

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Creatively using negative space to form the silhouettes of two cats and a dog’s face, the company clarifies that its services and products are all about animal care. If you can find a way to create a symbol logo with the elements that best represent your brand, you will not need to accompany the logo with any text.

Remember though that your company will have to be somewhat well-known for you to introduce a pictorial logo.

You can start with a combination mark at first and later remove the text and turn the logo into a pictorial mark once you feel confident that your brand and its products or services are well known. With time, people will easily connect the symbol you have chosen with your brand’s name.

4. Wordmark Ideas

Stylized word "mini" with circular dots over 'i's against blue background
Image Source: Pinterest

The creator of this simple logo has found a creative way to write the word “mini” by using three arches and two yellow circles. The use of small letters also connects to the name of the brand “mini,” so rightfully, no capital letters are used for this logo.

The yellow circles also make a nice contrast with the blue background. We also like that the two i’s are used for the second half of the letter “m” and the letter “n.” The three arches give the logo a sense of repetition, making the logo pretty recognizable.

Here is yet another logo that brilliantly uses negative space. The creator of this wordmark has chosen black typography for the word illusion.

Bold typography is used commonly in most wordmarks logos. Whether it is blue typography, white typography, or any other beautiful typography, most wordmark logos use a bold type to create a dynamic design.

The logo creator has decided to remove a few parts from the letters “u” and “o.” This intelligent move gives the logo a modern look and the illusion that there are two “missing letters.” These details connect beautifully with the brand’s name.

5. Abstract Logo Idea

Overlapping geometric shapes in blue and green creating an abstract design
Image Source: Pinterest

Vadim Carazan designed this abstract logo for a technology learning platform. The designer has used two circles and three different colors to represent the letter “g.”

You don’t see this blue color scheme combination often, but they work well together, as we can see in this abstract design. We see the light blue color used to fill the overlap between the circles and a dark blue used for the top circle.

The different colors also play a role. The bright green color, for instance, is used to fill half of the circle below to represent the tail of the letter “g.” Whenever you can, experiment with darker shades of the colors you are currently using and see if they make the difference.

Using colorful shapes for an abstract logo always gives a good impact, considering these types of logos need to be as expressive as possible using geometrical and abstract shapes.

We are not sure if the following detail we will mention was used on purpose by the designer, but we would like to think that there is a reason why the second circle looks like a Pac-man.

Since the logo is designed for a tech learning platform, the “Pac-man” inside this logo could also represent the users who are hungry for knowledge and need this platform to deepen their knowledge.

6. Monogram Logo Ideas

Stylized letters "E" and "R" in a serif font on a light background with soft floral elements
Image Source: Pinterest

If you have two or more names in your company name and want to find a way to combine all terms into a simple logo, a monogram logo is a perfect option. All you need to create a monogram logo is taking the initial of each word and finding a font that represents the feel of your brand.

Some monogram logos just order the letters one after the other. Other monogram logos find a creative way to combine the letters, so it looks sophisticated and memorable.

In the example above, you can see how the letters E and R are practically “hugging” and complementing one another. The creator of this logo has gotten rid of the overlapping parts, making the logo look more stylish.

The letter E uses a part of the letter R and vice versa, balancing the two initial letters. This logo is an excellent idea if you also need to balance the initials and not emphasize one over the others. This strategy is beneficial if the brand contains partners’ last names and all have an equal share in the company.

 The letter "M" in a serif font, elegantly stylized with a loop, presented on a plain background
Image Source: Pinterest

In this other example, the letter M stands out. In contrast, the letter V is placed right above the letter M. The placement of the letter V is brilliant because the lines on the letter V are in parallel with the inner lines of the letter M. This makes the logo look symmetrical and draws your attention.

7. Mascot Logo Idea

Logo of 'MR. TACOS' with a cheerful mascot and slogan
Image Source: Pinterest

A mascot logo can use a fictional character or a real character as the mascot. However, if you pick a mascot logo, you will need to choose it wisely, as this type of logo is one of the hardest ones to change over time.

As people get used to the mascot you have chosen for your brand, they will always associate that mascot with the brand.

The example we are showing above is perfect if you need a restaurant logo. Adding the year you have launched your brand will also give the logo a more “official” look. “Since 2019” is not that long ago. However, once the company is around for decades or centuries, 2019 will be a symbolic year.

Therefore, if you create the brand this year, don’t feel shy about adding the launch year. If anything, it will show the brand has confidence that it will stand the test of time.

A few last tips

We hope that these logo design ideas and design examples have helped you create an idea of what type of logo you wish to make. Whether you need a logo for a construction company, a dining restaurant, or need to create a bakery logo design, you will have to go through the same design process.

First, you make a list of all the images or symbols that come to your mind when you try to envision the company’s logo. Then you take a look at all the logotypes and pick the ones that would benefit your company the most.

We would suggest a combination mark if you are a new company and a pictorial mark to create a custom design for a well-known company.

Are you inspired to create a custom logo design today?

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Instead, use Vectornator to create any logo design your heart desires. From a classic design with classy typography to a cohesive design, you can use this free vector design tool to turn your logo from an idea into a reality.

There are plenty of custom logo ideas and customizable logo design inspirations you can use to create your unique design. If you need to add an icon to your logo, there are also countless icon options out there that you can use. Some of the most common icons are a chili pepper icon, a bold number icon, and a floral icon.

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Cool logo ideas to get your creative juices flowing | Linearity
Cool logo ideas to get your creative juices flowing