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Logo design made simple

Create logos in minutes with the power of our sophisticated design software Linearity Curve.

icecream logo designed with linearity curve on macbook

Making it easy to design professional logos

Solidify the visual cornerstone of your brand's identity. Eliminate time-consuming processes, overwhelming expenses, and the need for outsourcing a design agency. Linearity Curve's features outperform traditional software and online logo makers, offering a sophisticated solution to your most challenging design hurdles.

Create professional logos swiftly and affordably by leveraging our intuitive and user-friendly design software. Leaving a lasting impression on target audiences across multiple platforms and marketing materials, such as business cards and promotional products, is as easy as one click.

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Logo design made easy

Produce pixel-perfect logos

Designing impressive logos is a breeze with Linearity Curve's easy-to-use vector-based design software. Our platform offers a range of powerful features that streamline the design process.

burger club logo design

How to design a logo

photo of an iPad with design software Linearity curve
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image 2

Get started with the Auto Trace ic-auto-trace icon tool for quick sketch-to-vector conversion.

Modify the raster image into a versatile vector illustration with one of three functionalities - Sketchic-pencil icon, Photography ic-photos-app-tab icon, and Illustration ic-pen icon. Even if you're unsure which mode suits your image best, our CoreML Machine Learning model can lend a hand. It analyzes your image and automatically selects the most appropriate design options for your specific needs.

Select the image you wish to transform, then tap the Remove Background ic-bg-removal icon button located in the Inspector. Thanks to our Artificial Intelligence-powered tool, any background noise is instantly detected and removed, leaving you with a crisp photo cut-out.

Let our technology initiate the raster transformation process, then refine the details by creating adding paths. with the Brush Tool ic-brush icon, and adjusting colors to suit your vision.

Toggle between two modes with the Shape Builder ic-shape-builder icon to create complex designs.

In Merge Mode, draw over intersecting shape areas, then switch to Erase Mode to remove unnecessary sections.

Switch to the Brush ic-brush icon and Pen Tool ic-pen icon for ultimate creative control.

The touch-sensitive Brush Tool offers variable-width freeform paths for boundless creativity. Select from preset brushes or craft your personalized vector brushes.

While the Pen Tool swiftly plots and manipulates Bézier curves for precision-perfect typeface illustrations.

Speed up logo production and serve even more clients with these powerful tools at your fingertips.

Whether you're aiming for typography or image-based logos, export them as high-quality vector files ic-svg-format icon for a polished and professional look.

Unleash your logo potential

Did you know that a professionally designed logo positively influences consumer confidence by 75%?

Tap into Linearity Curve's extensive libraries of royalty-free images ic-photo icon , icons ic-star icon, and design elements to craft a professional logo that stands out. Choose from our collection of images, which can serve as a foundation for your logo. Or customize any design with a variety of icons and design elements.

To maintain brand consistency, select a color palette ic-palettes-tab icon from our extensive range of options. Experiment with different types of logos, from wordmarks to pictorial marks, and seamlessly combine them with your chosen design elements.

With Linearity Curve's resources at your fingertips, craft your logo with confidence and flair.

design a logo in Linearity Curve

No design skills required!

Pro or novice, Linearity Curve empowers you with powerful tools to bring your branding vision to life.

Experienced graphic designer? Get access to a comprehensive toolkit that can be leveraged to efficiently create any branding materials.

Just getting started? Linearity Curve's user-friendly interface and intuitive features empower you to craft professional-quality logos and materials without the steep learning curve typically associated with design software.

Select a plan that's best for you, and get started with Linearity Curve today!

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event promo for brand illustrations

Turn photos into logos with the power of Auto trace

Whether you're designing captivating brand visuals, eye-catching business cards, or innovative marketing illustrations, Linearity Curve helps you push the boundaries of your creativity.

Auto Trace ic-auto-trace icon allows you to instantly transform raster images into beautiful vector assets.

Learn more on Auto Trace

Speed up your design process with AI

With Linearity Curve's AI-assisted tool like Auto Trace ic-auto-trace icon, mundane tasks are a thing of the past.

Use these tools to accelerate your design process, giving you more time to ideate, create, and share your design victories.

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Have more questions?

What makes a good logo, and how can you enhance your skills as a logo designer? Find answers to these and other common questions right here.

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