In marketing software like Linearity Curve (formerly Vectornator), a library is an invaluable feature that enhances efficiency for individuals and teams. It acts as a centralized repository or collection of reusable assets, components, and resources that can be accessed, edited, and utilized across various design projects.


A library is a comprehensive catalog of design elements, including icons, symbols, photos and images, and more. These elements are carefully crafted and organized to maintain consistency and streamline the design process. By leveraging a library, designers can avoid repetitive tasks and ensure their work adheres to established design principles and brand guidelines.

One of the notable advantages of using libraries within vector-based software like Linearity Curve is the ability to import images via popular sources like Unsplash, Figma, and Sketch. These integrations expand the range of creative possibilities by providing access to vast libraries of high-quality images and illustrations. Designers can effortlessly search, import, and incorporate these visuals into their projects, adding depth and visual appeal without the need to leave the software environment.

Once a new design is created, it can be saved as a personalized template inside the Library Tab, allowing our users to develop and expand their library.

A library in design software is an indispensable tool that promotes consistency, collaboration, and efficiency. Whether for individual designers or collaborative teams, utilizing libraries within design software enhances the design process and empowers creators to bring their visions to life quickly and precisely.

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