This section will walk you through the various settings and customization options in Linearity Curve (formerly Vectornator). By exploring these sections, you will have the power to tailor Linearity Curve to suit your preferences and optimize your workflow.

We'll start by delving into the system appearance mode, allowing you to choose between light and dark modes to create the perfect working environment for your needs. You will learn to effortlessly switch between modes and enjoy a visually pleasing interface that aligns with your style.


Next, we'll unveil the secrets of customizing and hiding the toolbar, enabling you to declutter your workspace and focus on the tools that matter most to you. You'll discover how to arrange the toolbar elements according to your workflow, giving you quick access to the tools you frequently use.

In addition, we will guide you through setting up system and canvas notification alerts, ensuring that you never miss important updates or changes while working on your projects. You'll have complete control over the alerts you receive, allowing you to stay informed without interruptions.

Learning to customize tools is another valuable skill you'll acquire through this manual. We'll show you how to personalize and fine-tune your tools to match your specific needs and creative style. This level of customization will enhance your efficiency and enable you to work seamlessly within Linearity Curve.

Lastly, we will explore the insertion behavior of newly created elements, which gives you greater control over where and how your elements are placed on the canvas. You'll learn to modify these settings to streamline your workflow and achieve precise element placement.

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