LinkedIn is an important platform for anyone serious about their career. It's where you can showcase your professional achievements, connect with colleagues, and discover new job opportunities. The site has features that help users stay informed about their industry, develop their professional skills, and network effectively. 

What sets LinkedIn apart as a social media platform is its focus on professional growth and networking. LinkedIn provides the tools you need to achieve your professional goals, whether you're looking to land your next job, seeking advice, or aiming to stay ahead of industry trends.

Key trends in LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, 57.2% of users are male and 42.8% are female.

28 million individuals have included #OpentoWork frames on their profiles.

Out of 900 million users around the world, only 310 million use LinkedIn every month.

LinkedIn employs over 19,400 people full-time and has offices in over 30 cities worldwide.

Similar to other common social media sites, LinkedIn also earns money through advertising. It's believed that the platform made about $5.91 billion from ads in 2023.

What this means: LinkedIn stands out as a powerful tool for professionals worldwide, serving as a key hub for job seekers, especially among its male users. Despite its vast global presence, not everyone uses it daily, yet its large number of offices and employees worldwide speaks to its major role in the professional sector. Importantly, LinkedIn's success in ad revenue shows its value to businesses, highlighting how essential it is for job hunting, networking, and career advancement. In short, LinkedIn is where professionals go to grow their careers and connect.

LinkedIn demographic statistics

LinkedIn's audience comprises diverse professionals, ranging from fresh graduates to industry veterans, spanning countless fields and industries. This variety makes it the ideal platform for insights, experiences, and opportunities.

Young professionals interact with CEOs here, contributing to professional dialogue. It's a community where ambition meets experience, offering value for anyone looking to advance their career.

  1. Out of 900 million LinkedIn users around the world, only 310 million use the platform every month.1
  2. LinkedIn has more than 254 million users in the Asia-Pacific region. Europe is next, with 236 million users. North America has 220 million users. Latin America has over 141 million users, and the Middle East and Africa together have 52 million users.1
  3. LinkedIn is expected to reach 1 billion users by 2025.1
  4. Every day, about 16.2% of people log into the LinkedIn app, while each month, 48.5% of users engage with it.1
  5. In the third quarter of 2022, LinkedIn experienced 15.4 billion user interactions, marking an increase of over 418%.1
  6. Bermuda has the highest LinkedIn usage rate in the world at 104.8%.1
  7. In March 2021, over half of LinkedIn users in the United States, about 51.5%, weren’t very active on the platform.1
  8. In the USA, about 5.7% of people who use LinkedIn are active on it two-thirds of the month.1
  9. As of January 2023, around 60% of the people using LinkedIn worldwide were between 25 and 34 years old. Also, 56.3% of people on LinkedIn were men.4
  10. In December 2023, 57.2% of global LinkedIn users are male, and 42.8% are female.1
  11. About 59% of people who use LinkedIn are between the ages of 25 and 34.1
LinkedIn is an online platform where people starting their careers and experienced professionals from all over the world connect. Although not all users use it daily, it's a valuable tool for finding job opportunities and professional networking. It's a digital space where you can learn from others and share your knowledge.

12. More than three-quarters of LinkedIn users live outside the United States. Only 15% of all users are from the United States.1

13. In the US, about 52.1% of LinkedIn users are men and 47.9% are women.1

14. In the US, 36% of men use LinkedIn online, while 28% of women do.6

15. About 40% of people who use LinkedIn are between 46 and 55 years old. This means that different age groups use the app, and the other 60% is split among those groups.1

16. 20.4% of LinkedIn users around the world are Millennials.6

17. Since 2021, more than 9 million people have signed up for Creator Mode on LinkedIn.6

18. Over 65 million decision-makers are using the LinkedIn app.1

19. 17 million leaders who influence public opinion have official profiles on LinkedIn.1

20. LinkedIn has 36 offices worldwide, including 10 in the United States.6

21. The language storage bank on LinkedIn is up to 26 languages.6

Number of LinkedIn users from 2020 to 2023


22. LinkedIn users view 280 billion updates in their feeds every year.1

23. Over 1 million LinkedIn members post new content every week.1

24. In 2022, there were 571 million people using LinkedIn worldwide, and 174 million had LinkedIn Premium subscriptions.4

26. While the platform is used worldwide, a great number of its users are in the United States, where there are 220 million users. Generally, people from wealthier households and who are highly educated use LinkedIn the most.4

27. In September 2023, more than half (55%) of the people using LinkedIn in the United States came from wealthy households.4

28. Additionally, 33% of US users had a bachelor's degree or similar level of education, and 25% had a master's degree.4

With its user base growing towards a billion, it's clear LinkedIn plays a significant role in the growing professional field. Features like Creator Mode and LinkedIn’s global presence show it's adapting and growing. 

LinkedIn lead generation and revenue statistics

LinkedIn lead generation means using the platform to find and connect with potential customers or clients in your area of work. Through LinkedIn's large network of professionals, businesses can aim at certain groups of people, get involved in conversations and content related to what they do, and reach out directly with messages and requests to connect. 

Adding to this, using LinkedIn this way helps turn it into a key part of getting new leads, making it a must-have for anyone looking to grow their business online.

  1. 57% of LinkedIn visitors access the platform on smartphones.1
  2. Posts on LinkedIn that include images can get twice as much engagement as those with just text.1
  3. US users create about 31% of the activity on LinkedIn. This matches up with the fact that it has the most LinkedIn users, over 220 million.1
  4. India is the second highest in terms of website visitors, with 6.97% of the total, much less than the United States. India reached this rank with 101 million users.1
  5. In the US, the typical LinkedIn user makes $46,600 a year.6
  6. In 2022, LinkedIn saw a big increase of 26.2% in its revenue compared to the previous year.1
  7. LinkedIn, in Microsoft's FY22 Q2 Earnings report, stated that there was a notable increase of over 110% in confirmed hires compared to the previous year.1
  8. B2B marketers discovered that LinkedIn is the best social media platform for getting good leads. 40% of those surveyed agreed.1
  9. LinkedIn attracts about half of the social media traffic going to B2B blogs and websites.1
  10. 77% of content marketers say LinkedIn gives the best results without paid promotions.1
Social network for lead generation Visit-to-lead conversion rate
1. LinkedIn 2.74%
2. Facebook 0.77%
3. X (Twitter) 0.69%

11. Posts on LinkedIn with 1900–2000 words get the most attention and engagement, proving that long articles are popular on the site.1

12. Titles between 40–50 characters perform best.1

Let’s look at upGrad, a company that changed its LinkedIn targeting approach and saw positive results in lead generation.

upGrad, one of India's biggest online education companies for adults and businesses, added new courses to appeal to more people. They aimed to increase enrollments by making more people aware of their main idea of "learning for life." To become a top choice and gain the trust of the right people on LinkedIn, they used detailed advertising to reach specific jobs and interests, shared free content online and paid to promote the best ones, and carefully watched their campaign results to keep improving their advertisements and approach.

Here are the results of the campaign:

  • Organic followers grew by 87% in two months.2
  • There was 2.3 times increase in mentions of the brand on LinkedIn.2
  • The cost for each lead went down by 20%.2
  • Lead-to-enrollment numbers doubled.2
“We adopted a two-fold approach on LinkedIn: building the upGrad brand in the market and targeting the right audience in the right mindset. The strategy paid off and we saw a remarkable improvement in the quality of leads, resulting in cost optimization and better ROI for the business.”—Rahul Karthikeyan, Head of Digital Marketing at upGrad.

In terms of revenue, LinkedIn appears to be reaping the rewards of such a large user base. 

13. In the last quarter of the fiscal year 2023, LinkedIn made over $15 billion in revenue, marking the first time it achieved this milestone.3

14. Revenue increased by 8% compared to the same period last year, when adjusted for currency changes, in the second quarter of fiscal year 24.3

15. In 2022, LinkedIn made $13.8 billion, more than the $10.2 billion the year before.4

16. In 2023, LinkedIn made about $6.44 billion from its premium accounts. These accounts cost between $29.99 and $149.99 per month, depending on the features users opt for.4

LinkedIn is essential for jobs and business growth, showing that pictures and longer posts work best for grabbing attention. It's perfect for companies looking to reach other businesses. The success of upGrad using LinkedIn for ads and content shows how companies can boost their brand and attract more customers. With its growing income and popular premium accounts, LinkedIn is a top tool for professionals and companies in the digital age.

LinkedIn advertising statistics

Advertising works well in good times and bad times. It helps you find more customers. Studies show that good advertising can lessen the negative effects of business downturns and boost success when business is doing well.

By advertising on LinkedIn, you're talking directly to people ready to make business decisions. We're here to assist you in reaching out to professional audiences widely and creating valuable interactions in places that bring positive outcomes.

  1. 75% of B2B content marketers use LinkedIn Ads for marketing.1
  2. 79% of content marketers agree that LinkedIn Ads give the best results.1
  3. One LinkedIn Ad can reach 14.6% of people around the world.6
  4. Brands noticed a 33% rise in people wanting to buy their products after seeing ads on LinkedIn.2
  5. People who see both brand and promotional messages on LinkedIn are six times more likely to take action.2
  6. 82% of marketers focused on B2B find that LinkedIn works best for them compared to other social platforms.2
  7. Video ads on LinkedIn are a powerful way to capture attention. They engage people up to three times longer than static ads.2
SAS, a leading analytics firm, faced the challenge of diversifying its digital campaigns across the ASEAN market, comprising Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam. To overcome this, they used engaging digital assets like Carousel Ads and Sponsored Videos to enhance brand awareness, particularly during peak buying seasons. Adopting Lead Gen Forms for a full-funnel approach and leveraging InMails (now Message Ads) to target IT decision-makers, SAS efficiently generated leads with a gestation period of just 3 days, thus optimizing marketing impact and ensuring consistent geo-activation across ASEAN countries.

The results were:

  • After the campaign, the sales pipeline generated $2.54 million.2
  • The return on investment in marketing was 2035%.2
  • In the tech world, LinkedIn made 2–5 times more return on ad spending (ROAS) compared to other social media sites.2
“Using LinkedIn’s strong member base and advertising tools, we reached out to our top-of-the-funnel prospects to achieve our marketing goals.”—Wendy Tey, Marketing Director at ASEAN

Advertising on LinkedIn is valuable in good and tough times, helping reach professional audiences reliably. SAS's success in the ASEAN market shows how it quickly generates leads and boosts marketing impact. Wendy Tey's support highlights LinkedIn's role in achieving marketing goals. Its effectiveness in tech advertising spending further confirms its status as a top platform.

Advertising reach (in millions) between April 2021 and April 2023


8. In the finance industry, LinkedIn brought in seven times more new customers compared to Google Display Ads. 2

9. In education, LinkedIn was two to four times more effective than other types of display advertising.2

10. Similar to other common social media sites, LinkedIn also earns money through advertising. It's believed that the platform made about $5.91 billion from ads in 2023.4

11. LinkedIn is cheaper, costing 28% less per customer than Google Ads.6

12. In early 2022, LinkedIn grew its advertising audience by 22 million people, strengthening its role as a powerful platform for brands to connect and engage with others.6

13. More than half of the marketers on LinkedIn like to do product and demand campaigns at the same time.6

14. For the best outcomes in B2B marketing, LinkedIn suggests dividing your marketing budget so that 46% goes towards marketing your product and 54% towards creating demand for it.6

15. On LinkedIn, the best size for pictures is 1200 x 628px.6

16. Adding a form for generating leads to your messaging ads can quadruple (4X) the number of leads you get.6

17. LinkedIn is more effective for tech ad campaigns, earning 2 to 5 times more returns than other social media sites.6

LinkedIn advertising is exceptional for its ability to effectively connect businesses with professional audiences, resulting in significant growth and high return on investment (ROI) across various industries, including tech, finance, and education. Its targeted approach and success stories, like SAS's in the ASEAN markets, highlight its role as a strategic partner for achieving marketing objectives, even in challenging economic times.

LinkedIn business and recruitment statistics

LinkedIn, a professional networking platform with over 900 million users, is a hub for connecting and discovering opportunities. Specifically, on LinkedIn, recruiters send out more than 1 billion messages every month, highlighting its potential as a powerful tool for recruitment and networking.

  1. About 90 job applications are sent every minute on LinkedIn. New job listings appear often. Depending on the type of job you're looking for, you might find between 1 to 5 new opportunities each day.1
  2. Every week, around 50 million people use LinkedIn to look for jobs.1
  3. Every minute, about 8 people find jobs on LinkedIn.1
  4. Employees contribute to 30% of their company's activity on LinkedIn.1
  5. Employees are 14 times more likely to share a post from their workplace.1
  6. In the United States, 84% of individuals use LinkedIn to expand their professional networks.1
  7. LinkedIn lists more than 58.4 million companies.6
  8. 4 out of 5 LinkedIn users are in charge of making important decisions.6
  9. 73% of buyers show more interest in sales professionals who start conversations with them on LinkedIn.6
  10. In the last three months of 2022, LinkedIn saw a significant 88% jump in the number of confirmed hires compared to the same time the year before.1
LinkedIn helps everyone from job seekers to prominent decision-makers. It's an excellent platform for connecting people with jobs and making companies look good. Recently, many more people have been finding jobs through LinkedIn, which shows that it's a handy tool for work and business.

11. LinkedIn has more than 10,000 pages for B2B software products.1

12. After the pandemic hit, searches about working from home on LinkedIn tripled.1

13. When it comes to business involvement, LinkedIn Live Streams are better than regular videos. They get 7 times more reactions and 24 times more comments.1

Based on a LinkedIn study with 1.7 million decision makers, here's how employers are distributed by company size:


14. LinkedIn Sales Navigator has seen a significant 7% rise in closing deals successfully and an impressive 18% increase in getting new customers for its users.1

15. 93% of B2B content marketers use LinkedIn for free social marketing.1

16. 97% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for their content marketing.1

17. 60% of LinkedIn users joined to get important information about their industry.1

18. LinkedIn gets 15 times more views on its content than its job ads.1

19. Businesses with a LinkedIn page get 5 times more views, 7 times more impressions, and 11 times more clicks for each follower.1

20. Posting on LinkedIn every week doubles business engagement, helping growth and making you more visible on the site.1

LinkedIn lists thousands of business tools and saw a big jump in people looking for work-from-home info after the pandemic. Live streams on LinkedIn are much more popular than regular videos, showing that users like real-time talks. In short, LinkedIn helps people keep up with work changes and connect better in business.

21. 45% of people who read content on LinkedIn are in top executive positions.1

22. Posts that include pictures on LinkedIn can get up to twice as much attention as posts containing text only.1

23. Posts on LinkedIn that have up to 8 pictures receive the most attention.1

24. Videos on LinkedIn are 20 times more likely to be shared.1

25. LinkedIn employs over 19,400 people full-time and has offices in over 30 cities worldwide.3

26. 48% of employers on LinkedIn use information about skills to hire people for their jobs.3

27. 28 million individuals have included #OpentoWork frames on their profiles.3

28. For the sixth time in a row, LinkedIn’s hiring business gained more customers in the second quarter of the fiscal year 2024.3

29. In 2023, marketers worldwide said LinkedIn was the third most crucial social media platform for marketing.4

30. Additionally, 48% of marketers focused on B2B said they believed LinkedIn was the most crucial social media platform.4

31. In 2023, 64% of online marketers worldwide used the professional network.4

32. More than half of people who are not actively looking for jobs don't know about many online job websites. About 54% of them are quite familiar with LinkedIn.5

33. It's not surprising that people who are actively looking for jobs know more about online job websites. About two-thirds say they know LinkedIn and Indeed quite well or somewhat.5

34. 62% of job seekers use Indeed, and 57% use LinkedIn.5

35. LinkedIn's revenue grew significantly in 2022, increasing by 26.2% compared to the previous year.6

LinkedIn as a major social media platform


LinkedIn proves to be important for both career advancement and business development. It's not just a place to find jobs—especially now with more people looking for remote work—but also a platform for connecting with others in your field and staying updated on industry news. If you're looking to move forward in your career or grow your business, LinkedIn offers the connections and resources needed to make it happen. It's a key tool for anyone aiming for professional success.

Frequently asked questions

Which generation uses LinkedIn the most?

Millennials make up the majority of users on LinkedIn, with 47% falling into this generation.

What’s the growth rate of LinkedIn?

LinkedIn revenue increased by 7.4% in 2023 to $15.7 billion, its highest percentage growth in three years.

What age group is most active on LinkedIn?

People aged 25 to 34 form the majority of the network's users. 

What do most people use LinkedIn for?

  • Networking: It's a place to connect with colleagues and industry peers, expanding your professional network.
  • Job Searching: Job seekers can find opportunities, connect with recruiters, and showcase their skills.
  • Career Development: The site offers courses and articles for learning new skills and staying updated on industry trends.
  • Personal Branding: An active profile helps build your reputation through sharing content and getting endorsements.
  • Business Development: It's a tool for promoting products or services and connecting with potential clients.
  • Market Research: Users can gather insights on industries, companies, and market trends.
  • Recruiting: Companies use it to find and reach out to potential candidates for employment.

How can I target an audience on LinkedIn?

On LinkedIn, you can target your audience using several methods:

  • Locations: Target by where users live or visit, using their profile's location or IP address. Note that some countries may be restricted.
  • Audience Attributes: Includes targeting based on company details (like industry, size, growth rate), relationships (like company connections or followers), and demographics (such as estimated age).
  • Custom Audiences: Use audiences you've built with Matched Audiences for more personalized targeting.


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95 LinkedIn statistics: usage, demographics, and more | Linearity
95 LinkedIn statistics: usage, demographics, and more | Linearity