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Export assets from Figma

With the “Linearity Move and Curve - Animation and Illustration for Figma plugin, you can effortlessly export your Figma files to either Linearity Move or Linearity Curve.

Using the plugin is simple, and there are two convenient workflows to choose from.

  1. Get the plugin from the Community page or search for it in Figma from the top toolbar (Resources → Plugins).
  2. Run the plugin and select either "Export to Move" for animation or "Export to Curve" for design.
  3. Open In (for frames): Choose the Figma frames you want to export, and click “Open in Curve/Move.” This only works when exporting Figma frames, and instantly starts a new document in Linearity Curve or Move. For exporting individual elements, go to step 4.
  4. Or copy (for frames and elements): Easily paste individual elements or frames into any existing document.

Each Figma frame you export will be instantly imported as an individual scene in Linearity Move or an artboard in Linearity Curve. If you select multiple frames, they will automatically be imported as individual scenes within Linearity Move, allowing you to effortlessly create seamless transitions using Auto Animate.

If you choose to copy individual elements from Figma using the plugin, they will paste as new layers in Linearity Curve or Move.

Figma plugin for Linearity
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