Shortcuts and Gestures

File Menu shortcuts

These shortcuts allow you to manage your documents quickly.


Undo and Redo on Mac

On Mac, you can Undo your last action by going to Edit > Undo from the top Menu Toolbar or by using these shortcuts:


These shortcuts save you from wasting time panning and zooming on your canvas.

⌘0 Zoom to fit. Scale and position your view to show everything on the canvas.
↑ or ⌘+ Zoom in
↓ or ⌘- Zoom out
Spacebar + dragPan around the canvas. This activates the Hand Tool H .
FN + F Enter / Exit Full Screen.
⌘ .Hide Interface to activate Focus Mode
⌥⌘2Toggle the Inspector Panel on the right
⌥⌘1Toggle the Layers Panel on the left
⌃RShow / hide Rules


On Mac, you can zoom in and out using the same pinch gestures you use on iPad on the trackpad. Alternatively, you can click the Zoom button ic-zoom icon inside the Top Toolbar and use your mouse’s scroll wheel.

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