Vector Editing

Linearity Curve (formerly Vectornator) is a powerful marketing design software offering various drawing, editing, and shaping tools to create and manipulate vector graphics. Here's a breakdown of the differences between the types of tools:


Drawing tools

The drawing tools in Linearity Curve allow you to create new vector shapes and lines from scratch.

The drawing tools include the Pen Tool, the Pencil Tool, the Brush Tool, and the Shape Tool. With these tools, you can draw basic geometric shapes that are a starting point for more complex designs by combining and modifying different shapes.

Editing tools

The editing tools in Linearity Curve allow you to modify existing vector shapes and lines.

These tools include the Selection Tool, the Node Tool, the Scissors Tool, and the Eraser Tool. With the Selection Tool, you can select and move entire shapes, while the Node Tools tool allows you to select, add, delete, and convert individual anchor points on a shape. With the Eraser Tool, you can erase parts of a shape; with the Scissors Tool, you can cut a shape into multiple shapes with open paths.

Arrange tools

We call arrange tools those tools that allow you to move and edit the appearance of existing vector elements on the canvas.

These tools include group, move, align, duplicate, and much more.

Shaping tools

The shaping tools in Linearity Curve allow you to modify the appearance of existing vector shapes and lines by combining multiple shapes.

These shaping tools include Boolean Operations, the Masking Tool, and the Shape Builder Tool. You can create intricate, complex shapes by masking or setting the intersecting behavior of multiple shapes.

Learn by practice

The drawing tools in Linearity Curve are used to create new vector shapes, while the editing tools are used to modify existing shapes. The shaping tools are used to change the appearance of existing shapes by combining multiple shapes. By using a combination of these tools, you can create complex designs with precision and ease.

Watch this Academy episode with Aysel to learn the basics: From creating simple shapes, to using basic gestures, to the different modes of the Selection Tool. You'll learn all of this by completing a simple landing page design.

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