Cropping an image in Linearity Curve is super easy. Just double-tap to open the image editing section and select the crop area.

When you select a raster image onto the canvas, the content-aware Image section will appear in the Style Tab on the right side of the screen, directly below the Location Menu.

Press the Crop button ic-crop icon , then tap and drag the cropping handles, framing the imported image to your desired x and y values. When satisfied with the image cutout, tap Done.

Crop Image button

As soon as the image has been cropped, the cropping handles freeze on their position, and the selection bounding box appears around the raster image.

If you wish to continue cropping, tap Crop, and you can continue cropping as the Cropping Handles become movable again.

Another option to reactivate the cropping operation is to double-tap on the cropped image; the original image is then fully displayed, and the previously frozen Cropping Handles are movable again.


Cropping a raster image is a destructive operation contrary to cropping with masking. If you want to reverse the cropping operation, tap Undo.

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