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When you install and open the Linearity Curve software, you’ll be directed automatically to the Home Screen. This is the place where you can create new documents and organize your files.

0. Sign up to Linearity

To begin your design journey in Linearity Curve, create a new account. You can signup using your personal email, Google, or Apple.

signup - create linearity account

1. Create a project

To start from a blank canvas, tap the big ic-plus icon button to create a new document.

Quick tour -create new document iPad

As soon as you have created a document, the document interface of Linearity Curve will be displayed on your screen.

2. The Toolbar

To the left side of your document you can find the Toolbar. Here you can access all of the tools in Linearity Curve.

Quick tour - where is the toolbar Curve

3. The Inspector

To the right side of your screen, you'll find the Inspector. Here, you can manage the properties of your selected objects, layers and artboards in the static and context-aware sections.

The Inspector is divided into the Style Tab, the Layers Tab, and the Library Tab.

Quick tour - Linearity Curve's inspector

4. The Action Bar

The Action Bar at the top middle of your screen allows you to access useful operations to speed up your workflow, like undo, redo, zoom, copy, paste, and more.

Quick tour - action bar iPad Linearity Curve

Additionally, you can customize the Action Bar or access the document settings by tapping the ic-more icon three-dot button.

Quick tour - help and settings iPad Curve
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