Create and share projects

In this section, we will explore the process of creating a new project, including how to choose a pre-sized document to create your asset.

Create a new document

To create a new fresh document in Linearity Curve, you can simply tap the + button in the Homescreen. You can find the + button at the top right corner of the screen (A), as well as a big document card at the beginning of your other documents (B).

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With Linearity Cloud ic-linearity-cloud icon, you can edit files without an internet connection. Download a file while connected to work on it offline. Your work syncs when you're online again.

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create doc on Mac

Create a custom-sized document

Creating a new document in the specific size you need is easy. To create a new document of a specific size, tap the New Document  button. This will open the Document Picker where you can choose any of the Preset empty Templates.

From the Document Picker, click the Show Details (1) button at the bottom left corner of this window. This will automatically bring up document size options as:

  • A - width and height
  • B - units
  • C - You can also check the “Save Custom Template” if you want to save those properties to create a custom Artboard Template.

Finally click the Create button (2), and the new document will open automatically.

create doc on Mac in Curve

Create a document using a preset

From the Document Picker, you can choose any of the Artboard Preset. Those work as empty templates with the correct sizing and units you need.

By tapping on each template card, an empty document will automatically open.

On the left side of the Document Picker, you'll find the categories to help you navigate the Preset Document Templates sections as:

  1. Paper ic-paper icon
  2. Devices ic-devices icon
  3. Resolutions ic-resolutions icon
  4. Social Media ic-social icon
  5. Icons ic-icons icon

Here, you can choose to view all of the templates at the same time, or to view only your own custom templates (A).

Scroll down or tap the category names in the menu to find the template you need quickly.

create doc on Mac in Curve

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You can learn more on our blog about social media, print, and more template sizes.

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Save a new custom Artboard template

You'll be able to find your saved Artboard templates in the Custom ic-document icon category, which you can access from the Sidebar.

Double-click on your custom template to create a new document using that template. Right-click on any template to delete it.

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