You can customize your Linearity Curve (formerly Vectornator) experience on Mac by setting your personal software Settings.

You can customize your workspace in the Preferences menu using Curve on your Mac. You can change the settings like your Software Theme or how layers work in your version of Curve.

To access the Appearance Settings, click the Curve dropdown menu in the top-left corner of the menu bar or press


Access the appearance settings

Change the software UI mode

Here you can set the Theme of the software UI and choose between:

  • Always Dark,
  • Always Light,
  • Follow System Theme.

You can customize the Appearance further by going to System Settings > Appearance and changing the Theme. This will allow you to change the highlight color for the buttons in Curve.

Change the software UI mode

Customize the Top Toolbar

In Linearity Curve for macOS, the other settings options are distributed along the Mac Menu Bar.

If you're familiar with our iOS App and want to quickly access all your settings, like with Quick Settings on your iPad, you will find them in the Top Toolbar on macOS. Items can be added with the native macOS behavior by going to View > Customize Toolbar. To hide the Top Toolbar panel, click Hide Toolbar.

Customize the top toolbar
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