By defining your software settings, you can customize your Linearity Curve (formerly Vectornator) experience on Mac.

You can customize your Canvas properties in the Settings menu using Linearity Curve on your Mac. Go to the top-left corner, and in the drop-down menu, click Curve > Settings or press

to access the Settings popup menu. Then, in the popup menu select the Tab Canvas.

Activating canvas setting

Here you can set Allow Canvas Notifications (1), Insert Elements (2), and Customize Tools (3).

Canvas Notification activation

Canvas Notifications

You activate the checkbox to determine if you want to receive Canvas Notifications. These are short pop-up messages for successful actions and warnings.

Insert Elements

Here you can set the behavior when inserting a new element. The default is to insert above the currently selected elements. You can choose between (A) Above selected elements and (B) At the top of the active layer as insertion behavior.

canvas insert elements

Customize Tools

Here you can Customize Tools by removing or adding them from the Toolbar via + or - icon. To restore the default tool settings, press Restore defaults.

Customise tools in setting


The operation Customize Tools only applies to the Zoom Tool ic-zoom icon and the Hand Tool ic-hand icon.

In Curve for macOS, the remaining Settings Options are distributed along the Mac Menu Bar.

If you're familiar with our iOS software and wondering how to quickly access all your settings, like with Quick Settings on your iPad, you will find them in the Top Toolbar on macOS. Items can be added with the native macOS behavior by going to View > Customize Toolbar. To hide the Top Toolbar panel, click Hide Toolbar.

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