When working with Linearity Curve (formerly Vectornator), you don’t need to close the software to access learning resources; you can directly access them in the software by clicking on the Help button at the bottom-right corner of your screen when inside a document.

In the Help menu, you can access to:

Help menu

User Guide

If you click on User Guide ic-learn-tab icon , you’ll be directed to the landing page of Curve's User Guide, where you can access our software documentation.

Academy and Tutorials

Here you can access the Linearity Academy ic-academy icon. We offer video courses and training exercises for all learning stages led by experts for iPad and Mac. Skyrocket your skills fast and quickly with the help of experts.

Read more:

Head over to Linearity Online Courses to learn by watching.

ic-external-link icon


As the title suggests, if you click here, you’ll be redirected to an overview of Mac's essential shortcuts to streamline your workflow.

Inside the Help menu, you can also find other resources to always be updated with the latest news and connect with our community.

What’s New

Click here to access the full changelog of Linearity Curve's latest news and releases. Here you get an overview of the newest features and improvements released by our team.


Here you can access our Community Forum, where you can communicate with other Linearity Curve users and answer and ask questions about our software. Additionally, you can post your artwork and comment on other users’ artwork. To access the full community features, please register for free. Our staff maintains our community forum, they are always there to support and guide the Linearity community.


You can give feedback and upvote the implementation of new software features by clicking on Feedback.


Under Support, you can write us an email. You can ask questions, report software issues, make suggestions for improvement, or tell us about your experience working with Linearity Curve! We are eager to hear from you and read and respond to every email from our users.

Quick Tour

By clicking here, you can restart the onboarding process again. By clicking on Start Quick Tour, you’ll be guided through the interface, features, and tools of Linearity Curve. Press Next to continue to the following explanation, or press back to access the previous explanation.

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