Setting preferences in Linearity Curve (formerly Vectornator) eases and accelerates the individual workflow by offering customization options for various aspects of the software. Curve allows you to adjust the interface layout according to your preferences.

You can rearrange toolbars, panels, and palettes, creating a workspace that suits your needs.

Preferences in Linearity Curve include canvas settings such as grids and guides. Curve supports multiple languages too, so you can navigate menus, tooltips, and other interface elements more efficiently in the language they you are most comfortable with.

Canvas settings

You can customize the canvas settings to your personal needs from the top Menu Bar of your Mac when Linearity Curve is open.

Basic Canvas Settings as Insert Element preferences, and customizing the tools displayed in the Toolbar, can be controlled from Curve > Settings > Canvas ic-canvas icon.

View Menu

From the View drop-down menu, you can customize all related-documents options, including settings for enable snapping guides, show rulers, hide inspector, and more.

Canvas setting show and hide

Document units

To change the unit format of your document, navigate to the Menu Bar > View > Units. Here you can choose from: Points, Picas, Inches, Millimeters, Centimeters, or Pixels.

Isolate Active Layer

This feature comes in handy if you work with a lot of layers. While active, the AI will automatically focus on the Layer that you’re working on, and all the elements on other layers will be grayed out. When the Isolate Active Layer switch is enabled, only the paths placed in the active layer can be edited.

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Layers in Linearity Curve

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Outline Mode

This feature will show your document elements as wireframe outlines without any color or texture. You can activate it by going to View > Outline Mode.

Outline Mode is like an X-ray mode for your document, and it's usually used for checking complex designs. Viewing artworks without colors attributes speeds up the time it takes to redraw the screen.

Canvas Outline mode

CMYK preview

Although Linearity Curve does not yet support the CMYK Color Space, you can preview your artwork in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black). You can switch on the CMYK Preview Mode by going to the View > CMYK Preview. This feature comes in handy, especially if you want to print later your artwork created in Linearity Curve.

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