Animated commercials are one of the most powerful marketing tools in any brand’s arsenal.

These types of videos can be used in almost any context by companies of all industries. Animated advertising videos allow brands to portray complex ideas simply. 

A brand’s heartwarming story can generate an emotional response from the viewer and reach a broad audience with content that can be easily shared on multiple platforms. We love the creative freedom that comes with making animated ads. 

Read on to learn more about why you should be exploring the world of animated commercials to boost your business success and find some inspiration in the carefully curated list of the thirteen most beautiful and effective animated ads examples. 

For anyone looking to up their marketing game, you’re in the right place.

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Why use animated ads?

Opting for commercial animations can have a plethora of benefits:

Save some moolah

For starters, you’ll be getting some bang for your buck. If you hire the right designer or develop the necessary skills yourself, you’re guaranteed to end with a superb-quality end product. 

Even taking into account the cost of this labor, creating an animated marketing video will generally be much cheaper than hiring a whole team to shoot and edit a live-action commercial. 

It’s also much simpler for a remote team to collaborate on an animated video than a shoot that requires in-person involvement.

Capture your audience

Aside from the practical benefits, using motion graphics can be a powerful marketing tool for engaging an audience. 

Animated ads can tap into that childlike, heartwarming feeling you only get from watching cartoon animations. 

They associate your brand with a feeling of friendliness and approachability, which is hard to recreate in other types of marketing videos.

Set your creativity free

Animators will also rejoice in the amount of creative freedom they have when creating this type of marketing content. 

The imagination truly is the limit here, and no concept is out of bounds when pesky constraints like the laws of reality are no longer a concern.

Develop your brand

Another great aspect of animation in advertising is the ease of continuing a story through multiple ad campaigns. 

You can introduce themes and characters that represent your brand and reappear multiple times in different contexts. 

This helps viewers build up a sense of brand identity and become invested in the stories you’re telling over time. This emotional investment also makes them more likely to share your campaigns online.

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Call the viewer to act

Finally, it’s easy to incorporate a clear message and call to action (CTA) within animated adverts because they're attention-grabbing and simple to understand

This will actively engage your audience, improve conversions, and translate into increased profits.


12 inspiring animated commercial examples

Now for our list of animated commercials in modern history. Grab a pen and paper—you'll want to take notes.

1. John Lewis, The bear and the hare

This beautiful video solidified John Lewis' annual Christmas advert as a beloved tradition for viewers. The animation style is charming and cozy, and the sentimental background music tugs at the viewer's heartstrings while the story unfolds. 

It's a quintessential example of how incorporating a simple yet compelling story into your animation video can create long-lasting, positive associations with your brand.

2. Ben and Jerry’s, Back to the mooture

This explainer video dives into the history of the ice cream brand, taking the viewer on a fun journey by using fun styles of animation and an energetic voice-over. 

The animation style changes to reflect different eras and themes, including visual elements that hint at the brand's activism—such as peace symbols, earth icons, and equal signs—blending seamlessly with the whimsical and funky aesthetic that Ben & Jerry's is known for. 

These creative choices make the video engaging and informative, ensuring viewers come away with a deep appreciation for the brand's rich heritage, creative spirit, and dedication to making the world a better place.

Structuring the story around the journey of an animated ice cream van is an effective tool in making the video super easy to follow.

3. Coca-Cola, Catch

Coca-Cola's 2012 Superbowl ad reintroduces the same loveable polar bear characters they had already established in previous commercial videos.

By reintroducing these characters in the 2012 Super Bowl ad, Coca-Cola invoked nostalgia while maintaining a new narrative, strengthening brand continuity and the emotional connection with audiences of all ages.

The ad's power comes from its simple comedic plot beautifully paired with Beethoven's 5th Symphony. 

The impressively animated visuals of the Arctic setting bring a whimsical narrative to life.

4. Cadbury Dairy Milk, Aliens

Cadbury has a reputation for producing top-notch video marketing content. This advert is no different.

By transporting viewers to an imaginative alien world, Cadbury uses the universal appeal of animation to cross demographic barriers. 

Using animation paves the way for creative freedom in storytelling, encouraging the depiction of fantastical elements that captivate the audience's imagination.

The cartoon takes viewers to an exciting alien world and incorporates upbeat music to engage the audience. The final animated slogan, "Free the Joy," associates the product with fun, freedom, and community.

5. Slack, Work, simplified.

This commercial proves that form and content should go hand-in-hand. What better way to show that Slack is a beautifully simple tool than to create a beautifully simple ad? 

Follow the character from a hectic, tedious work environment to a clear, bright, and fun alternative, told purely through a shift in color scheme and music.

The use of color is particularly noteworthy. The beginning of the commercial uses muted dark colors to represent the stress and disorganization of traditional work processes. 

As the character discovers Slack, the color scheme changes to brighter, more vibrant hues, symbolizing clarity, efficiency, and a more positive work culture. 

The stark contrast not only grabs the viewer's attention but also serves as a metaphor for the transformative effect of Slack on workplace communication.

With such a simple core idea, there's no voiceover necessary to get the message across.

6. Lyft, June

This online video is more of a short movie animation than a standard advert. The cinematic artistry shines through, telling a more intricate and emotionally compelling story than you could get in a shorter ad. 

The brand is subtly woven into the narrative, allowing the loveable character at the heart of the story to shine. June's story is designed to connect with viewers emotionally, showcasing real human experiences, challenges, and triumphs. 

This emotional resonance is key to the video's impact, making the brand more relatable and memorable to the audience.

The captivating animation style keeps you engaged as the story unfolds.

7. Nike, Air reinvented

This rebranding announcement shows how much fun you can have with animation advertising. Using different animation styles to match the timeline of the shoe designs is a masterful touch. 

This approach keeps the viewer engaged but also visually communicates the innovation and adaptability of the Nike brand. 

From hand-drawn animations representing the early days to more sophisticated and digital techniques for modern designs, each style captures the idea of its corresponding time period.

Fun, fresh, and colorful—this one's the perfect summer commercial.

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8. Headspace, Brilliant things happen in calm minds

In a short time, Headspace has crafted an iconic brand presence by using a consistent animation style and unique character figures in its marketing. 

This advert is an excellent example of how you can use animation to illustrate abstract concepts

Headspace uses unique, relatable character figures to illustrate a diverse range of mindfulness experiences and emotional states in a way that viewers can quickly identify with. 

These characters guide the journey to achieving mental well-being, making the abstract concept of mindfulness more tangible and relatable. The video also features a clear CTA to encourage the audience to explore the product further.

9. Heinz, A can size for every Aussie

Heinz's cartoon advertisement takes inspiration from the beloved Pixar-style animation visuals and tells a cinematic and emotionally compelling story.

The clever integration of Heinz's diverse product sizes within the narrative demonstrates the brand's understanding of its customers' varying needs

By illustrating scenarios for which each product size is suited, the advertisement communicates the practical benefits of Heinz's range in a subtle and effective manner, without resorting to overt sales pitches.

The beautiful visuals portray a loveable character and provide a heartwarming backstory for a whole range of Heinz products.

10. Spotify, Premium Zen

Here's an example of a video commercial that knows its audience. Spotify's advertising campaign for its Premium service uses retro animated visuals accompanied by a classic 80s song as its backdrop, signaling a clear target audience. 

The choice of a classic 80s song as the commercial's backdrop is strategic, reinforcing the nostalgic feel initiated by the visuals. 

This appeals to viewers' emotional connections to the music of that era and highlights Spotify Premium's extensive music library. It can transport listeners back in time or let them explore the sounds of a bygone era.

It also shows how you can incorporate multiple brands within a single video commercial.

11. Madrinas Coffee

Madrinas Coffee may not be a household name yet, but the relatively new coffee company knows how to attract its audience. 

The animated ad promotes their Cold Brew grab-and-go coffees, emphasizing the brand's focus on fair trade and organic ingredients. The use of sound and color in the ad works well together and the message is driven across quickly.

12. Oreo, Wonderfilled anthem

The Oreo "Wonderfilled Anthem" campaign is an inspirational case of using animation to create a charming, imaginative, and emotionally engaging advertisement

Launched by the iconic cookie brand, this commercial strived to promote a simple yet powerful message: sharing an Oreo can bring a touch of wonder to any situation, transforming moments from ordinary to magical. 

The "Wonderfilled Anthem" is particularly notable for its catchy tune, whimsical animation style, and its ability to convey a positive, universal message that resonates with all ages.

Your next steps using animated ads

Animated commercials stand as a testament to the evolution of digital marketing, offering a blend of creativity, emotion, and engagement that's unparalleled in the advertising world. 

Animated ads not only enable brands to articulate complex ideas in an accessible and enjoyable manner but also foster a deep emotional connection with audiences across various platforms. 

From saving costs to unlocking limitless creative possibilities, animated ads provide a versatile and effective strategy for brands looking to differentiate themselves and resonate deeply with their target audience. 

The examples we highlighted in this article are inspiring. As digital marketing grows, exploring and incorporating animated commercials into your mix can amplify your brand's voice, message, and success. 

Whether you're just starting or looking to elevate your marketing strategy, animated ads offer a dynamic and impactful avenue to connect with your audience and achieve your business objectives.

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Frequently asked questions 

What’s an animated ad?

No need to overthink this one: an animated ad is any sort of promotional video used by businesses to make an audience aware of products, services, or a brand.

This type of advertising dates back to the 1940s, which means that companies have long recognized the power of animated videos in marketing. 

These types of videos are especially effective in telling a narrative that captivates an audience’s emotions. They can range from simple graphic animations to more complex ideas with compelling visuals, background music, and voiceovers.

Practically any industry can make use of the power of an animated ad—we’ll show you some stand-out examples from the food, retail, and tech industries, just to name a few.

What will push my animated ad from good to great?

Getting the rhythm right. Most animated ads last 30 seconds to a minute, meaning you have little time to communicate your story. 

This isn’t a constraint so much as an opportunity to tighten your pacing and take the viewer on a carefully planned journey through the narrative. 

A well-paced video is the key to keeping your audience engaged in the attention economy—one or two seconds of wasted time, and you’re in danger of being scrolled past.

Every second counts. Focus on the essentials of your message and limit any fluff or unnecessary details that aren’t contributing to the narrative.

How can I ensure my brand image is reflected in an animated ad?

Draw on recognizable branding to make your videos more familiar. Think clear color schemes, repeated narrative themes, and recurring characters. 

Use your brand’s color palette consistently across all videos. This helps in creating a visual identity that viewers can immediately recognize. Bring your brand's values and mission into the narrative of your videos.

A strong sense of branding will leave a lasting impression on audiences and improve brand recognition over time, which is key for turning potential customers into loyal consumers.

How do I know if my brand message has reached consumers effectively? 

As we mentioned above, the most effective videos include a clear CTA that actively directs viewers to engage with your brand.

Ensure the viewers know where to go next to learn more about the service or product and ultimately make purchases.

How can I make animated ads? 

Linearity Move is an innovative animation tool for creating compelling and professional animated ads. 

The tutorial linked above provides detailed instructions on managing animation features such as freezing properties, resizing images, and crafting dynamic fade-in effects

It emphasizes practical skills in animation, like keyframe manipulation and scene duration extension, which are essential for creating effective online banner ads.

By the end of the tutorial, you'll be equipped with the knowledge to produce captivating animated ad content and leverage Linearity Move's full potential.

12 animated ads that make an art form out of advertising | Linearity
12 animated ads that make an art form out of advertising | Linearity