💡 Key Insights
  • Linearity Move revolutionizes animation design by bridging the gap between graphic design and animation, empowering in-house graphic designers to create captivating motion graphics effortlessly.
  • Animation is essential for engaging audiences in today's digital landscape. Linearity Move offers intuitive tools and workflows to streamline the animation creation process and unlock new possibilities in animation design.
  • With seamless integration with Linearity Curve, Auto Animate feature, and streamlined workflow, Linearity Move optimizes asset production speed. It empowers designers to bring their creative visions to life with precision and ease.

The move towards interactive content has marketers realizing that moving images are much more effective than static content when educating buyers. Moving content in the form of video and animated sequences not only engages audiences for longer but is also a powerful way to establish your brand's identity in the marketplace.

For in-house graphic designers, mastering the art of animation can seem daunting, especially when faced with the complexities of traditional animation software. But it's time to level up, and that's why we’re so excited about Move.

Our revolutionary animation maker bridges the gap between graphic design and animation. It empowers designers with little to no animation experience to create captivating motion graphics effortlessly.

Let's look at how Linearity Move's innovative approach to animation design caters to the needs of graphic designers and marketers, providing intuitive tools and workflows to bring their static designs to life with ease.

We'll delve into the unique features of Move that make it the ultimate animation companion for graphic designers, from its user-friendly interface to its powerful animation capabilities.

Learn how to elevate your graphic design skills to new heights without the long ramp-up time traditional animation software requires. Unlock the full potential of animation design for marketing teams.

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How animation leads to higher engagement

Animations aren't just the extra flourish in your design process. They've become essential components to capture your audience in a digital landscape with fleeting attention spans and fierce competition. The keyword here is engagement

Animation is a powerful tool for capturing and retaining audience engagement. According to recent research, interactive content garners twice as much audience engagement as static content. Video content has also been found to generate twice as many conversions compared to passive content.

A significant 80% of users on your website are more inclined to watch a video, whereas 20% are likely to read a piece of written content.

Consider the subtle animation of an online ad changing color or the smooth transition between frames in an animated social media post. Though seemingly minor, these details create a seamless and intuitive user experience that holds your audience's attention.

But as anyone who grew up with Disney understands, animation goes beyond functionality. Animations evoke emotion and personality, injecting life into even the most banal stories. Whether a playful bounce effect or a sophisticated fade, animations can communicate complex concepts and narratives in a digestible and visually compelling way.

Learn how to animate your logo using Linearity Move in this easy-to-follow tutorial.

Find the right animation maker software

Choosing the right animation software for your needs is the first step to creating engaging and impactful visual content. With so many options available in the market, each offering unique features and capabilities, it's essential to understand their strengths and limitations to make an informed decision.

We looked at four animation maker options available to take the guesswork out of your decision-making. We’ll compare the pricing, pros, and cons of the following animation platforms: Adobe Creative Cloud, Canva, Jitter, and Linearity Move.

Software Pricing Pros Cons
Linearity Move Pro plan starting at $7.99/month Intuitive interface designed for graphic designers and marketers

Seamless integration with Linearity Curve, our groundbreaking illustration and vector design software

Thousands of templates
Allows for advanced animation capabilities

Relatively new software
Jitter Pro plan starting at $12/month Easy to get started with basic editor
Web-based software

Suitable for basic outputs

Templates available
Limited powerful editing functionality

Limited collaboration functionality

Lacks powerful editing features
Canva Pro plan starting at $12.95/month User-friendly interface

Extensive library of design templates and elements

Ideal for collaboration and brand control for novices and corporate users
Limited animation capabilities and basic editor

Not suitable for experienced graphic designers

Limited customization options

Pro features locked behind subscription
Adobe Creative Cloud Starting at $24.14/month (Single App) Extensive suite of professional tools

Limited templates

Powerful animation capabilities with After Effects

Limited help and support
Long ramp-up time and horizontal approach

Higher subscription cost for the full suite

Limited collaboration functionality

Complex, may be overwhelming for novice users

The animation maker of the future

You have static designs but want to animate them. Innovative solutions like Linearity Move are reshaping traditional animation creation methods, offering a glimpse into the future of animation design.

Traditional methods

  • Manual processes: Traditional animation methods often involve manual processes, such as complex tools or frame-by-frame drawing, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.
  • Long ramp-up time: Designers accustomed to graphic design processes may require extensive training and expertise to master complex animation tools and techniques.
  • Technical constraints: Traditional animation software may impose technical constraints on designers, limiting their creative freedom and hindering innovation.
  • High production costs: Animation traditionally requires a specific skill set and intensive process, leading to extended production times and high costs.

Linearity Move's future-forward animation solution 

  • Intuitive interface: Linearity Move revolutionizes the animation creation process with its intuitive interface, designed to streamline workflows and empower designers of all skill levels. 
  • Efficiency and productivity: With Move, designers can create captivating animations easily and efficiently, thanks to its user-friendly tools and streamlined workflows. It's also compatible with major design platforms and is MacOS and iOS native. 
  • Advanced features: The Auto Animate feature easily transforms static assets into beautiful animations. High-impact export capabilities enable you create 8K videos using Figma, Adobe, and .svg files. With many more features under its belt, Move empowers designers to bring their creative visions to life with precision—without the limit of coming to grips with complex animation software.
  • Integration with other design software: Designers can now easily import their designs from Linearity Curve, Figma, and other vector tools to animate them and bring them to life.
Learn a streamlined animation workflow using Linearity Curve and Linearity Move.

3 animation features to streamline your process

Linearity Move streamlines animation creation and empowers designers to unleash their creativity. Here are three standout features that make Move a game-changer in animation design:

1. Auto Animate

Imagine if you could leave all the nitty-gritty details of animation to Linearity Move. That's where Auto Animate steps in.

With this dynamic feature, all you have to do is prepare a vector design file (.curve, .svg, .figma, .ai, or others) with key moments of your animation as individual Artboards or Frames. Once imported into Linearity Move, the software automatically interprets the movement of elements between each Artboard.


For instance, if a shape transitions from the center of one artboard to outside the canvas in the next, Auto Animate seamlessly generates the animated transition. No need to painstakingly create each "in-between" frame yourself.

Pro tip: If you want to make the animations your own, you can easily fine-tune each movement by adjusting the animation curves directly. Even better? Move effortlessly repositions, resizes, or rotates any element directly on your canvas and automatically generates keyframes in the timeline with each adjustment.

2. Animate and Design Modes

When creativity strikes, the last thing you want is to disrupt your flow by switching between software. Linearity Move makes things smoother by allowing you to stay immersed using its innovative dual modes: Animate and Design.

In Animate mode, you fully control your animation and timeline management. From adding presets and effects to morphing shapes and editing animation curves.

Design mode empowers you to adjust your animation's design properties instantly without leaving Move. Whether fine-tuning colors, reshaping elements, or swapping out images, this mode enables on-the-fly modifications without switching between interfaces. 

3. Linearity Curve integration (and more integrations coming)

Switching between Linearity Curve and Linearity Move is seamless in Move's intuitive interface,  integrating your workflow. As you open Linearity Move, you'll discover all your Curve files neatly synced to your library. A simple double-click on a file allows you to initiate the animation process.

While traditional file import methods are still there, expediting the process by transferring your Curve Artboards to Linearity Move through a simple copy-paste action saves time.

The Assets Tab in Linearity Move is also a handy design hack, synchronizing with its counterpart in Linearity Curve. This ensures all your design elements are readily accessible in both interfaces and ready to be animated. 

How Linearity Move empowers your rollouts

With Linearity Move, the options for animation are endless. From social media posts to advertisements and even announcements, there’s no end to the possibilities of what Linearity Move empowers you to do.

Social media

Linearity Move enables you to create eye-catching animations that stand out in users' feeds. Whether it's a short looped animation for Instagram, a dynamic cover photo for Facebook, or a playful quick animation for X (formerly Twitter), Linearity Move will help you create engaging content that drives user interaction and boosts brand visibility.

Digital ads

Animated ads have proven more effective than static ones in driving conversions. With Linearity Move, designers create compelling animated ads for various platforms, including moving web banners, display ads, and video ads.

From product showcases to promotional offers, Linearity Move's powerful animation capabilities enable teams to create ads that resonate with their target audience and drive results.


Whether it's a product launch, a company update, or an event announcement, animations grab attention and convey messages effectively.

Linearity Move is equally effective for putting together motion graphic explainer videos, kinetic typography animations, or dynamic infographics.

Ready to get moving?

Upskill yourself or your team and step headlong into the world of animation. It's never been easier or more rewarding. With its integrations and useful features, Linearity Move’s animation maker is powerful and fun.

Ready to animate? Bring your designs to life in a few clicks.

Take the first step towards transforming your creative vision into captivating animations and sign up for our free starter package, or skip to pro. You can also enquire about our packages for marketing teams. There's no excuse not to start animating, so get moving with Linearity today. 

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Animate marketing assets in seconds with Linearity Move.

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Frequently asked questions

What’s the best animation video maker?

While many animation video makers are available, Linearity Move stands out as a top choice for designers and marketing teams who want to explore the possibilities of animation.

With its intuitive interface, powerful features, and seamless integration with Linearity Curve, Linearity Move empowers designers and marketers to bring their creative visions to life.

Linearity Move is easier to use than complex traditional animation software and offers more advanced tools than purely template-based design platforms.

How do I choose the right animation maker for my needs?

When choosing an animation maker, consider factors such as your level of experience, desired features, and budget. Look for software that offers intuitive tools, a wide range of animation effects, and seamless integration with other design platforms. Read reviews and explore tutorials to ensure the software meets your requirements.

What are some tips for using an animation maker effectively?

To make the most of your animation maker, start by familiarizing yourself with its features and tools through tutorials and practice projects.

Experiment with different animation effects, timing techniques, and design elements to create dynamic and engaging animations. And don't be afraid to look for inspiration from other designers and explore new trends in animation design.

Can I use an animation maker for professional projects?

Absolutely. Many animation makers, including Linearity Move, are designed for professional use and offer advanced features for creating high-quality animations. Whether you're working on marketing campaigns, educational videos, or client projects, an animation maker like Linearity Move can be a valuable tool for bringing your creative ideas to life and delivering professional results.

What are the benefits of using an animation maker for marketing purposes?

Using an animation maker for marketing offers several benefits, including increased engagement, brand recognition, and conversion rates.

Animated content is more likely to capture an audience's attention and convey complex messages effectively, making it a powerful tool for engaging with customers and driving business results. Whether you're creating animated ads, explainer videos, or social media content, an animation maker can help elevate your brand.

What's the right animation maker for you? | Linearity
What's the right animation maker for you? | Linearity