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In this section, we will learn how to organize Linearity Curve documents on your iPad.

Create folders

In the Gallery, the best way to organize your projects is by sorting them into folders. There are three ways to create a new folder:

Method 01 – simply press and hold on one of your documents, then drag it on top of another document. Release to create a new folder.

Method 02 – Long-press any document and then select “New folder with selected document”. A new folder will automatically be created, containing the selected document.

Method 03 – Tap “Create new Folder” button at the top right corner of your screen.

Remove a document from a folder

To remove a document from a folder, press and hold onto the document. Then press the back ic-chevron-left icon button with another finger to exit the folder. Then, drag and release to drop the document where you want it to be placed.

Download a document for offline editing

With Linearity Cloud ic-linearity-cloud icon, you can manage and edit files without an internet connection. Files that can't be accessed offline will be shown in the thumbnails for easy identification.

To work on a file offline, just click on it while online, and it will download automatically. Linearity Cloud will sync your work once you're back online, keeping everything up to date.

Read more:

If you are an existing user of Linearity Curve (formerly Vectornator) and you want to migrate your files from local storage or iCloud to Linearity Cloud ic-linearity-cloud icon, go over to this page.

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