In the Settings menu on the top right of the Action Bar, you can customize your Curve experience by setting your personal app preferences. To access the input options for your stylus pen, tap the Input Tab ic-input-tab icon in the Settings menu.

Available only on iPad and iPhone, the Input window gives you access to a variety of third-party tool pairing options such as:

input settings

Apple Pencil options

Double-tap option

The Apple Pencil double-tap option will only appear when you have a second-generation Apple Pencil paired with your iPad.

By default, the double tap gesture will switch between your current tool and the eraser, but you can customize this option by going to the Settings App on your iPad.

Scribble integration

Linearity Curve supports the ability to use Scribble with Apple Pencil.

You can use your Apple Pencil to write in any text or numerical field where you can enter information. This includes naming Layers, Artboards, and documents or entering type using the Text Tool. Any gesture available in Scribble applies in Linearity Curve. This includes circling to select, scribbling out to delete, etc.

To use Scribble, you will need iPadOS 14 or higher and use an Apple Pencil.

Bluetooth permission

Linearity Curve requires Bluetooth permission for many external devices, such as Apple Pencil pairing and Wacom Bamboo Slate paring. Set this switch to on to enable these features.

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