You can customize your Linearity Curve (formerly Vectornator) experience on iPad by adjusting your personal software Settings. We send Push Notifications for update announcements, video tutorials and articles, features highlights, and achievements.

To access the Notification Settings, tap the

button on the top-right of the Action Bar, and in the drop-down menu, select Settings ic-beta-tester icon.

Tap on the Notifications tab of the pop-up menu to enable notifications.

Quick settings

Allow notifications

At the top of the pop-up menu, you can activate or deactivate the toggle Allow Notifications. If the toggle is deactivated, you’ll receive no push notifications from us.

allow notifications

Notification topics

When the toggle Allow Notifications is activated, you can select specific topics you want to be notified of. You can choose between the following notification topics:

  1. New Feature Announcements – Be the first to know about new Curve features.
  2. Guides, Tips, and Tricks – Get short messages to improve your workflow.
  3. Video Tutorials and Articles – Access our latest training materials and tutorials.
  4. Update Notifications – Get immediately notified when a new software update is available.
  5. Other Marketing Notifications.
Notifications topics

In-App messages

You can activate or deactivate In-App Messages at the bottom of the Notifications pop-up menu. If activated, we’ll deliver messages while you are active in Curve.

In app messages

Notifications inside the System Settings

Additionally, you can adjust the notification settings by going to System Settings on your iPad and selecting Notifications. In the drop-down menu, select the Curve software.

In this menu, you can set the following notification attributes:

  • The display of notifications on the Lock Screen
  • The display of notification Banners
  • The display of notifications in the Notification Center
  • The display of Badges.
  • The activation or deactivation of notification sounds.
notifications from system settings
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