Convert text to shapes

Select your text box to convert text into shapes and click Create Outlines from Text ic-outline-text icon at the bottom of the Text section of the Style Tab. This will allow you to edit the text like any other vector path.

If you use an external keyboard with your ipad, you can use the shortcut

to convert your selected text into vector shapes.

Be aware that converting text to outlines is a destructive operation. After you convert your text into shapes, you won’t be able to edit the text itself again, so we recommend to convert a few words and not an entire paragraph unless you're sure you won't need to edit your text again later.

Also, when the text is converted to outlines, all of its text properties (such as font type or font size) are lost, and the text can no longer be edited using the text controls.

When you convert text into vector shapes, each letter will be divided, so it's important to group the letters immediately after the transformation if you want to keep the alignment of the letters intact.

Place text on a path

While you select a text box + a shape, you activate the Text on Path ic-text-on-path icon button inside the Path section. this feature allows you to attach text to the vector path.

Select the vector path and the text and then tap the Place Text on Path button.

The specific text properties will be maintained when a text is moved along a path. The individual text properties are still adjustable when the text is attached to the path.


Once you press the Place Text on Path button, the path will lose its Fill and Stroke color properties.

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