The Assets tab allows you to save elements from your canvas for future use, as assets. Your asset library remains saved across all your projects, across both Linearity Move and Linearity Curve. This saves you from having to copy and paste elements that you use often, such as logos.

The Assets tab is the only Library tab accessible in the Project view, but it’s also accessible in the Scene view. Using the Assets Tab in your workflow can simplify your tasks and save you time.

In the Project view, you can drag and drop saved assets into the timeline to create a new scene based on that asset.

In the Scene view, you can store new assets that you’ve created, or use your stored assets from Linearity Curve or previous Move files. Just click the asset you want to use onto your canvas.

To make the most out of the Assets Tab, it’s important to know what kinds of items you should be adding to your library.

Single elements: These are your fundamental building blocks, essential for quickly creating brand compositions, patterns, and more. You could save a shape, a brush stroke, or just an outline of a motif.

Grouped elements: These are more comprehensive assets, such as entire illustrations, intricate logos, or stylized lettering. By saving these grouped items, you'll significantly cut down on design time, as you can effortlessly drop them into your canvas with just a click.

References: You can also use the Assets Tab to save references that you like to keep close by while you design, such as a photo or a color palette.

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