The Workspace allows you to easily manage and access all of your Linearity documents from anywhere, on any device. With the Linearity Move Workspace, you can keep your documents synced and organized, ensuring that you always have the latest version at your fingertips, saved in Linearity Cloud. You’ll be able to see your Linearity Curve files here as well, and open them directly in Move without needing to import anything - Linearity documents are shared across both Curve and Move. Any assets that you create and save in the Library tab will also be shared across both tools.

In addition to saving your own documents, you will soon be able to share them with your colleagues for seamless collaboration, feedback, and handoff.

In this section of the User Guide, we will walk you through the process of setting up a new account in Linearity Move, as well as how to organize your documents in a way that makes them easily accessible.

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