Payments and plans

How to change the billing cycle of a current plan

Managing your Linearity subscription is straightforward and can be done directly within the Linearity Curve or Linearity Move software, depending on where your subscription was initially set up.

Changing your billing cycle is a simple process.

In Linearity Curve or Move, proceed to your Profile, select Subscription, and then choose Manage Subscription.

In the Manage Subscription section, you'll see an overview of your current subscription status, including the details of your billing cycle and the alternative billing options available to you.

Here, you can easily select a new billing cycle that better suits your needs. Simply choose the preferred option and confirm your selection by clicking Subscribe.

For instance, if you're currently on a monthly subscription plan but wish to switch to an annual plan to take advantage of the savings it offers, you can select the yearly option. Your subscription will then be updated to reflect this change when the next billing cycle. This means the transition to the new billing cycle will occur automatically with the onset of the next billing cycle, allowing for a smooth and hassle-free transition.

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