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How to change your Linearity account email address

Changing the email address associated with your Linearity account requires a fresh start, as your current account's email cannot be directly altered within our system. This process involves creating a new account with your preferred email and then transferring your artwork to this new account.

Here's how to smoothly transition your work to a new email address:

  1. Create a new account: Open Linearity Curve or Move and navigate to the Account section. Here, you'll find the option to Sign Out of your current account. Once signed out, you can then Sign Up with your desired new email address, thereby establishing a new Linearity account.
  2. Transfer your artwork: After setting up your new account, it's time to move your artwork. You can export your designs from the original account in a compatible format (.curve for Curve and .move for Move). Then, simply import these files into your new account to continue working on them without interruption.

Please note: It's crucial to remember that your subscription and certain settings are tied to your original account. If you have an active subscription, you may need to cancel the current one and subscribe again with your new account to continue enjoying Linearity Pro features.

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