Importing + Sharing

Importing files to Linearity Move

You can easily import files from other programs into Linearity Move.

From the Home screen, select the Import tab.

Linearity Move Import screen

Here, you can import files from Linearity Curve, or other programs like Sketch and Adobe Illustrator. PDF files are also compatible. You can also connect your Figma account to Linearity Move to open your Figma files directly.

You can also click on File → Open from your Mac to open files directly from your device storage.

Exporting your projects

To export your projects and share your work, click on the Export button at the top right of the project interface.

This will open the Export window, where you’ll see a preview of your animation, as well as some document settings.

Here you can change the resolution of your project, as well as the frame rate. You can even export your animation as a GIF. Once you’ve chosen your settings, click export to download your project.

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