Animate Mode

Snapshots + Stacks

Snapshots are the thumbnail images that you see along the top of the scene timeline view.

Visual of snapshots in the Linearity Move project Timeline

These are useful for seeing what the animation looks like at key points in time at a glance.

You can move snapshots forward and backward along the timeline by clicking and dragging. When you move a snapshot, all of the “anchored” keyframes underneath it will move along with it.


Stacks are the way that animations are visualized on the timeline. There are two different types:

  • A scene stack contains all animations in a scene. It’s at the top of the hierarchy in the Layers panel. The icon will look like a folder, which can be expanded to show the enclosed animation stacks.
  • An animation stack is a collection of one or more animation properties related to the same object. This will also look like a folder in the Layers panel. When expanded, it will show the individual animations.
Animation stack in Linearity Move
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