Payments and plans

Canceling your Linearity plan

Payments for Linearity subscriptions are processed by the platform through which you made your purchase (such as Stripe or the App Store), not by Linearity itself.

To cancel your subscription, you must do so through the platform where the initial purchase occurred.

Important note: Uninstalling your Linearity software or deleting your Linearity account does not automatically terminate your subscription. Active cancellation is required.

To cancel, you must stop the recurring payments. Remember, even if you cancel immediately after purchasing, your subscription benefits will remain active for you until the end of the current billing cycle.

For instance, if you buy a 1-month subscription and cancel it after using the product for a week, you'll keep the benefits of Linearity Pro for the rest of the month, but your subscription won't renew once the period ends.

Important note: We aren't able to cancel your App Store subscription for Linearity Pro, because Apple doesn't give us access to your payment data. If you don't access to your Apple account, you'll have to contact Apple Support.

How to cancel an App Store Linearity subscription

If you signed up for Linearity Pro through the Apple App Store, then your subscription can only be cancelled through your Apple account by following these instructions.

Please make sure to log into the correct Apple account. If you can’t see the cancel button in the App Store, that means that you either don’t have an active auto-renewing subscription (if you've already cancelled it), or you’re not logged into the correct Apple account.

How to cancel a Stripe Linearity subscription

If you signed up for Linearity Pro through Stripe and would like to cancel, you can email us at We can also answer any questions you have about your subscription, billing, or payments. We're here to help with all your support needs, and to make things simple and hassle-free for you.

What happens to my account and designs after I cancel my Linearity plan?

Canceling your subscription plan doesn’t delete your Linearity account and doesn’t delete your existing designs. You'll be able to edit all of them when you upgrade to Linearity Pro again.

Contact us for help

If you need help with canceling your subscription, get in touch with our support team. To help us provide you with the best assistance we can; if you purchased your plan from the App Store, please include your order number or receipt ID in your support request.

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