Timeline Shortcuts

⇧⌘ ←→Move Playhead 60 framesMove the Playhead 60 frames forwards or backwards.
⌥⇧⌘ ←→Move Playhead 1 frameMove the Playhead 1 frames forwards or backwards.
⌘ ←→Previous/Next SceneMove to the previous or next scene with the arrow keys. This works only in the Project view.
⌘ ↑↓Snap to beginning/end of TimelineMove the Playhead to the beginning or end of the timeline.
ReturnEnter sceneEnter the selected screen or current Playhead position.
SpacePlay/PausePlay or pause animation playback from the Playhead’s current position.
/Play selectionPlay the selected portion of your animation.
⌥⇧ IPlay from beginningPlay your project from the beginning.
⇧⌘ FPlay full screenPlay your project from the Playhead’s current position in full screen mode.
⌥⌘SInsert sceneCreate a new blank scene at the end of your animation.
KInsert PinInsert a new Pin at the Playhead’s location. This will toggle Pin Mode on.
⇧ KToggle Pin ModeEnter or exit Pin Mode.
MMorphing ElementsAdd the Morph effect between two or more elements. You must have more than one element currently selected.
SToggle SkimmingTurn skimming on or off. While skimming is on, you can use the cursor to preview the animations in your timeline by hovering over them.
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